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Why Use a Wooden Comb: 8 Benefits for Your Hair and Scalp


You comb your hair every day or several times a day. So what type of comb you use is mighty important. Most people use a plastic comb. But there’s a better alternative to plastic, and it is wood. Of course, a wooden comb does the job of combing hair, but it’s also superior in many […]

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How Much Hair Loss Is Normal (Is It 100 or 200 Hair Per Day?)


You may think you are losing too much hair, but you could be wrong. In this article, you will find out what is normal hair loss and when should you worry. Bonus, there are tips to figure out the triggers for hair loss. When you comb your hair, you will find some hair fall out, […]

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How Rosemary Oil Helps Regrow Hair: 3 Ways It Benefits Hair


Rosemary is a well-known remedy for hair. It’s been used since ancient times to reduce hair loss and promote healthy hair growth. But is it just folklore? Or does rosemary stand its ground and prove that it has legs when challenged by modern science? We will find out in this article. Recently, we ordered a […]

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Banana Smoothie for Thicker Hair Growth (Also Makes Hair Super Soft and Smooth)

Banana Hair Mask to Reduce Hair Fall

Banana has a reputation of being the common man’s fruit. In India, I remember, when other fruits such as apples, oranges and mangoes were out of reach of many, bananas provided the energy, sweetness and satiety. Nutrition-Wise, Banana Is No Ordinary. It is packed with natural sugars and nutrients to give you a quick recharge, […]

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3 Superfoods to Reduce Hair Fall and Thinning

Vegetables for hair growth

I was in India a few years back. And we usually get invited to our relatives’ houses. On one such invite, as I was enjoying goat trotters, an elderly uncle asked me, do you get goat trotters in the UK? And when I said yes, his next question was, are they expensive? ‘Well, they are […]

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Fenugreek For Thick, Shiny Hair Growth (How It Works and How To Apply)

Fengreek Hair Spray for Hair Growth

When God created hair, It must have also thought about the herbs to look after hair. I mean, God being the perfect entity, cannot leave things half done. And so were born, some exclusive, and some not exclusive, herbs for hair care. And if you don’t believe in God, that is fine too. You can […]

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How to Use Bhringraj for Thicker and Denser Hair

bhringraj hair mask

What’s it like to be stuck in a small house for months. And the only view outside is a blanket of white ice. A group of eight scientists had been staying on an Antarctic research station for over a year. The long darkness and harsh weather conditions took a toll on them. They came back […]

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Onion Juice For Hair Growth (Rich in Sulphur to Stimulate Hair Follicle)

How to Use onion juice for hair growth

Onion juice is a hot topic when it comes to hair growth. Its popularity has not faded over time, which means it works. Not just in theory, but it produces results and makes hair grow thicker and shinier. But how does onion stimulate growth?? When you chop an onion, it makes your eyes water. That’s […]

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