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Flaxseeds for Hair Growth: 3 Super Hair Benefits

flaxseeds for hair

My hairdresser told me how one of her clients grew fuller hair in 3 months. This client of hers had thin hair and a visible scalp. She often used hair extensions to make the hair appear thicker and fuller. Then one fine day, she turned up for a haircut, and her hair was not thin. […]

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3 Herbs to Increase Hair Growth (and End Your Hair Misery)

Peppermint plant for hair growth

Have you seen English lavender bloom in summer? It gives a glorious display of purple flowers that lasts 1-2 months. After that, the bloom starts to fade, until next year, when it will flower again. Imagine if our hair followed a similar pattern of lavender, one glorious display, then all spent. Thankfully it doesn’t happen […]

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Why Use a Wooden Comb: 8 Benefits for Your Hair and Scalp


You comb your hair every day or several times a day. So what type of comb you use is mighty important. Most people use a plastic comb. But there’s a better alternative to plastic, and it is wood. Of course, a wooden comb does the job of combing hair, but it’s also superior in many […]

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How to Use Castor Oil for Thick and Luscious Hair Growth


Have you heard the amazing bamboo story? It’s quite popular one, but if you haven’t heard it goes like this… You plant the bamboo and water it. But nothing happens the first year. Not a single bud or twig appears. You do the same thing the next year, and nada, still no sign of life. […]

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Castor Oil Hair Mask to Grow Your Hair Faster and Thicker

Castor oil in a glass bottle for castor oil hair mask

Castor oil helps increase scalp circulation, bringing nutrients to the hair roots. Plus, it’s very healing for your scalp. Regular use of castor oil may encourage hair growth. Castor oil has gained so much popularity, mainly for its hair growing benefits. It has, in fact, got a ‘hair saviour’ status in  the natural hair care […]

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Why Use Wooden Hair Brush: Stimulates Hair Growth and Relaxes Scalp

wooden hair brush benefits

For all these years, I have been a big fan of wooden combs. But recently, I have taken a liking to wooden brushes. The natural wood bristles feel so good and therapeutic. They are perfect to stimulate and massage the scalp. This obviously increases circulation, which means more nutrients reach your hair follicle and improve […]

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How to Use Neem Oil for Dandruff, Eczema and Hair Growth


Do you live in a crowded city? Then some time out in woods or parks is a blessing. The air is fresher, unpolluted and full of oxygen from all those trees. Spending even a few minutes can feel like a rejuvenative therapy for your entire being. And if you are looking for potent therapy for […]

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8 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth (and Scalp Health)

essential oils for hair

What happens when you peel an orange? You get the refreshing, orangey scent. And what about when you drive past the lavender farm, you can smell the heavenly floral scent for miles…. If you or your neighbour is mowing the lawn, you get the scent of fresh cut grass. The thing is all fruits, flowers, […]

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