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Hello beautiful, welcome to hair buddha. I am Minaz, an ex-practicing Neuro-Physiotherapist turned natural – hair – therapist!Β  I am writing to share my experiences on natural hair care that has been effective not only on me but also on many wonderful people around me.

My healthy hair mantra is “eat natural and feed your hair natural”. I like to blend traditional wisdom with modern science. I come from India, the land of champi-tel malish, which literally means head massage using pure or herb infused oils. For centuries, hair nourishing rituals such as head massage, henna hair packs, herb infused oils and mud baths have been an integral part of hair grooming for both men and women. Sadly, the natural hair care ritual is gradually fading away and so is the hair health. Through my blog, I want to revive the nourishing rituals for happy and healthy hair.

With loving wishes to have a ‘good hair day’ everyday πŸ™‚

Why hair buddha?

Many people think buddha is the name of the founder of Buddhism. But his original name was Siddhartha Gautama. When he gained enlightenment, through intense mediation, he was given the title of buddha. (I am a spiritual person and I have a huge reverence for Gautam Buddha – one of the greatest prophets of all time.)

Buddha comes from the Sanskrit work buddhi. It literally means wise, learnt, or awakened.

I have gone through many hair problems.Β During the course of hair struggle I came to realise that just by changing shampoo or conditioner my hair will not improve.

It’s much deeper than that.

Yes hair that comes out of that scalp is pretty much dead. But the manufacturing unit of hair – that hair follicle – is situated beneath the scalp and it is alive. This hair follicle is fed by the nutrients and oxygen supplied by the blood vessel.

So fixing it externally is not going to help. We need to take a holistic approach in caring for it better.

I have done many years of research, and read extensively on hair care. My background in medical sciences helps me see the scientific picture on any hair problem. And my interest in yoga, ayurveda and natural remedies makes the complete package holistic.

But honestly, I am still learning. My quest is on and through hair buddha I like to share with you what makes your hair healthy and beautiful.

If you have been reading my posts you will know that this blog is not just about hair. I am passionate about helping people feel better, more beautiful, and in alignment with their true self.

And I like to thank all my dear readers for your love and support. You keep me going and it means a world to me.


  • mary says:

    thank you for making the protein pack for hair and the shampoo. i liked it . will try. tks why dont you start for skin care too..

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Mary, Glad that you liked them.

      Cheers, Minaz

    • brototi says:

      Yes Minaz, I too want your advice on skin care… You seem to have an intuitive way with natural products and their effects on the hair. Please do it for the skin also..

    • Thanks for your love and believing in me. Hopefully soon πŸ™‚

  • mahesh says:

    My age is 23 I got white hairs at this early age what is the solution for this problem and how to get my black shiny hair back.

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Mahesh, eating amla (indian gooseberry) and curry leaves is quite effective to prevent/reverse greying. Also try nail rubbing – 10mins every day. How to do –>> http://www.hairbuddha.net/?p=45
      And use herbs like bhringraj in hair oil or hair packs. Read more –>> http://www.hairbuddha.net/?p=20

      In addition to above eat a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly.

      Cheers, Minaz

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I’m trying to grow my hair to by belly button (it is currently right below my shoulders), what are some easy ways too speed up he hair growth process?

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Kaitlyn, few things that you can do to make your hair grow faster:
      1. Weekly oil massage with coconut or olive oil (mix some castor oil as well, about 10%)
      2. Eat foods that promote hair growth, especially flax seeds (linseed), sweet potato, and lentils. More on what to eat click here –>> http://www.hairbuddha.net/?p=590
      3. Prevent hair damage. So if you use heat appliances, use them sparingly. More on how to prevent damage –>> http://www.hairbuddha.net/?p=873
      4. Lastly, post shampoo use herbal hair rinse, which nourishes as well as conditions. Choose from herbs such as chamomile, hibiscus, amla, mint, fenugreek, rosemary.

      Hope this help.

    • Asgar ahmad says:

      Dear I’m suffering from hair fall from last 1yea now what will do to regrow my lost hairs and control hairfall
      UM tOtaly frustrated bcoz I’m just 20 year old

  • Sheetal says:

    Hi I really love your blog , I tried awala reetha and shikkai shampoo works very nice.

    Thank you.

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Hi Sheetal, thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  • Manohar.A says:

    Hi Minaz,

    This is once again Manohar.A i beleive in the magic work of nail rubbing works and that is been protecting most of the people who are been suffering from the hair falls from a very long time and i just wanted to check with you about the oil massage and how many times do i need take bath everyday or thrice in a week or 2times in a week i just wanted to know what is the right procejdure to follow up …

  • vicky says:

    hi Minaz,

    its really gud to see that are trying to revive the traditional methods. I have a query that i am 29 and has got androgenic aloepecia. some part of head is getting shiny and i don’t see much roots at that part what should i do. Is it possible to get hairs back at that part of head as I hv heard that at shiny part of head its almost impossible to grow hairs as the roots are either dead or exhausted from that area. I want my hair like it was in college days. Is it feasible. Minaz please help me.


    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Hi Vicky, Thank you for your kind words.

      I would say be optimistic, but not obsessive. Take good care of your hair and hopefully your hair follicles will get active.

      I would suggest you to do few things:
      1. Nail rubbing every day
      2. Do head massage twice a week using a blend of coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil (2:2:1)
      3. Use reetha shikakai shampoo to wash your head.
      5. Eat amla in any form – every day of you can.
      6. Lastly, do pranayam (kapalbhati and anulom vilom) and yoga asana. Join a class if you have not done it before.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

      Best wishes, Minaz

    • eno ayoola says:

      i would like to know if these treatments can work for the black hair and skin. black hair is a bit more tough than Asian. what do you think?

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Eno, I don’t see why they shouldn’t. Although it may take a little longer to see the results. And since everyone’s hair is different, try different combinations to see what works best for you. Do keep us posted. Happy Hair!!

  • Ria Bandyopadhyay says:

    I am 23 years but having a hair fall problems like 60. Being a woman it is very stress-full . I am a 95% vegetarian . I really don’t no what are the causes of my tremendous hair fall. My line line receded and pating also getting wide and hair volume affects vigorously. My frontal scalp visible day by day I have started nail rubbing. All of my family members have full head of hairs. Please suggest me some solution.
    I love to read your blog. Please help.

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Hello Ria, Do you have any deficiencies eg iron, calcium? do you eat a well balanced diet: vegetables, fruits, nuts (almond, walnut), seeds (flax seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin) dal, and pulses.

      What natural methods are you using to treat hair loss?

  • Nancy Goyal says:

    Hi Minaz,

    I hope you are good.
    I have read your article about hard water in London as I am also based in London and I am experiencing itchy scalp and lot of hairfall. I tried water filter jug method, my scalp is not itchy now but the hairfall is still there, it reduced by only about 10-20%. When I went back to India for a month, in my hometown my hairfall was almost negligible I can count like 4-5 hair falling per day. So I can definitely think its hard water causing hairfall. I apply coconut oil before every wash. Can you suggest what I shoud try next.

    Thank you for all your help πŸ™‚


  • Komal says:

    Few questions on the Ree-Shi shampoo. Why cant it be made and stored in large batches? Also how often can you use this shampoo? I wash my hair daily so it is important for me to know.

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Komal, Ree-Shi homemade shampoo doesn’t contain any added preservatives. It’s like food if you leave it out for too long it will grow mold and bacteria.
      But you can freeze it as mentioned in the post and use as and when required.
      And don’t wash your hair daily, do it every alternate day.

  • Saipriya Nagarajan says:

    I loved your article about the natural shampoo. I am from India and I have been using shikakai to wash my hair from ever since I have known ( I am just 15 years old, My mom tells me to do this). However, we don’t use this method. We get shikakai, grind the seed well, dab some more ingredients in the process and we use the powder to wash our hair. This has been working fine but however I feel that residue is being left in my hair which is quite embarrassing. And I also feel I develop a lot of tangles in this process( I have bushy hair). My mom also insists that I apply coconut oil to my hair every other day. Is it necessary? How do you think I can avoid tangles? And what do you think of this process? which proves better?

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Hello Saipriya, Yes the powder residue does tend to create more tangles. What you could do is add couple of cups of hot water to the powder mix and strain the liquid – use this to wash your hair. You can end with shikakai and honey rinse. It will keep your hair moisturised and soft.

      For your hair type coconut oil is not a good choice, instead use sesame or almond oil.

      Let us know how it goes.

    • Twala says:

      You stated that coconut oil is not good for Saipriya’s hair and I wondering is it because she is Indian. I am African American and want to know if this is something I should be using on my hair?

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Hi Twala, my suggestion was based on her hair type, not because she is an Indian. She described her hair as bushy, which I understand is dry, frizzy and coarse. And such hair is also low porosity, meaning it is not able to absorb or keep moisture in the hair shaft.
      Why no coconut oil? Coconut oil penetrates inside the hair shaft and prevents protein loss. And this build-up of protein makes the hair further stiffer and dryer.

      The best treatment in my opinion is moisturising products such as flax seed homemade gel or oils such as sesame, olive, almond. The best would be to combine the flax seed gel and oil in 1:1 proportion.

      Do let us know your experience.

    • Twala says:

      Thank you Minaz! I am already making and using my own flax seed gel and I love it.

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Great! thanks for sharing.

  • Abhishek says:

    Hi Minaz,

    Abhishek 28, my hairs are falling drastically.I am undergoing laser treatment for my facial scars. is this is the reason. also I heard tulsi oil is the best remedy to prevent hair fall.. pls help

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Hi Abhishek, I don’t think laser treatment should cause hair fall. Yes tulsi oil helps improve scalp circulation thereby helping hair follicles receive nutrients and oxygen. You can combine it with sesame oil or coconut oil and head massage 2 or 3 times a week. Good luck!

  • Pinky says:

    Hi, am African with coarse hair and i have relaxed and colored, now it’s thinning like hell. Don’t know what to do please advice i really need help?

    • Minaz Aslam says:

      Hello Pinky, start with head massage once or twice a week.
      Also read this article.

  • Rita Hayworth says:

    Hello, I used to have A LOT of hair as a child, in fact my mother had to use both hands to style it, but since I started using gels, hairsprays, etc. when I was younger & always wearing tight ponytails, a lot of my hair has fallen out. Now, when I tie a ponytail, it’s very thin, nothing like the hair I had once. I have also lost a lot of hair on my edges and have a bald spot on one of them. I actually shaved my hair 2 years ago and it did grow out thicker but I’ve recently gone through an immense amount of stress and once again it has fallen out. I’m desperately seeking answers as to how to regrow my hair to how it once was a long time ago. I’m only 25 and I fear that it will just get worse, especially if I get pregnant and of course get older. Do you think with the proper regime (no heat, oils, healthy eating, protein, hair treatments, no tight styles, etc), my hair could possibly grow to how it once was? I’m actually considering hair implants for my edges. I often feel so frustrated because it’s my own fault I messed up my gorgeous hair. If there is anything you could recommend for me, I would highly appreciate it. Thank you so much, and I’m glad I found your site.

  • viktor says:

    Hello Minaz,

    I’m 31 years old man and I should have hair loss based on genetic background, so doctors say. Please can you give me an advice for anything could regrow my hair? I would really appreciate your help!
    Thank you and all the best,

  • Mike says:

    Hi great articles and thanks for sharing. Do you have a YouTube channel that shows how you mix and use the recipes?

    • Thanks Mike, no youtube channel yet. But let me know if you have difficulty following any particular recipe.

  • Jean Harris says:

    I am a licensed hair stylist looking for natural alternatives to use in conjunction with professional grade commercial products. Do you recommend using the powder form of the ingredients for the shampoo? Can the ingredients be combined with castile soap?

  • tanu says:

    I have far far hair what to do for normal .

  • Harsimer kaur says:

    hi minaz can you please explain me how i can store reettha shampoo so that i can use it more than once? And please also tell when to add fuller earth in shampoo before boiling or after?
    Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  • WritingBoy says:

    As an old guy having endured a lot of stress in my life my kidneys and gallbladder have suffered badly. And if you look at where the gallbladder meridian travels on the head you may understand that gallbladder health (mentally and physically) are most important. I digress.

    I started on the regrow the hair project. Started about a month ago. Bought a very expensive shampoo. Do the fingernail rubbing six days a week and take a few supplements and extra green supplements and highly recommend a little extra protein. Avoid sugar at all costs. It’s action very nearly imitates that of alcohol.

    So does it work. I’m seeing some very pleasing ‘little babies’ growing on bare skin. And in thinning areas there are wonderful new ‘little babies’ also. So I’m very happy that my efforts are working.

    May I offer the suggestion that Apple Cider Vinegar be used as a ‘conditioner’. It has a wonderful alkalizing effect on the scalp after shampooing. I use it in a small atomizer bottle at a rate of about 8 or 10 to one parts water to one part ACV. Just spray in on and leave it in. Do it once or twice a day also as it controls the DHT on the scalp. Drinking ACV at least once a day is also excellent as it breaks down the uric acid in the body. Citrus juice also is a boon for the over-acidic condition.

    Give it a couple of months diligent work and you’ll see a result. If I, at 66, can see a result, so can you.

    • That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your results with us. I am starting a new section on success stories and I will be sharing your results with my readers. Please let me know if you have anything more to add. Thanks once again for commenting and look forward to hearing more from you.
      Regards, Minaz

  • Kim Maha says:

    Hi, My name’s Maha and I’m form Morocco. I’m a 14 years old girl who’s struggling with her hair T.T I naturally have straight to wavy/curly hair but I damaged it a lot because of the chlorine in the pool, the sun and also because I never wanted to brush it nor take care of it when I was younger. I started to actually give it importance til Last summer, but still didn’t do masks or combed it on a daily basis. To be completely honest, I started brushing it daily starting this year… I use ‘ Garnier shampoo with aloe vera and karite without paraber or silicone’ and I don’t use a conditionner, but used to. I use olive oil regulary and natural hair masks from time to time ( Avocado or eggs masks, or I just mix them up together :D)
    I really want to get my natural hair back, but I don’t know what to do.. Please help me ?
    (i put photos (before and after) even tho it’s not really clear, I hope it will help you :))

  • Hi Kim, you are on the right track. So well done!!

    From your picture it looks like your hair needs moisture.
    Along with olive you can include more oils for oil treatment, such as sunflower, almond, castor. Use cold pressed ones.

    Using too much egg can cause protein overload so give it a miss for a few weeks. You can read on protein overload here: http://www.hairbuddha.net/?p=1827

    I would suggest that you add some moisturising herbs to your hair care. read here: http://www.hairbuddha.net/?p=3042

    Let me know how it goes.

  • santoshi says:

    hi minaz,
    I am suffering from severe hair fall. i have dandruff and also lice. i am 25years old girl . please suggest some tips

    • Hello Santoshi,

      For lice neem oil is suppose to be very useful. Here are other natural options for lice

      Many a times dandruff can be due to dry scalp. Always oil your hair before washing. You can make your own blendusing pure oils.

      And wash your hair using natural ingredients such as shikakai, reetha, multani mitti or any other clay. This natural shampoo is especially useful for hair loss and dandruff.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Rays says:

    Hi Minaz, firstly, thank you for the post. Its really helpful. Also you are very beautiful having great hair.
    My concern is, I have lost some hair at my cone area. I am 35. Also overall hair got thin. Tried lot of products mostly ayurveda but nothing helped. I daily do jogging, drink lot of water, eat home made good food rich of protien, vitamins, salads, fruits, almonds. Also wash my hair with amla shikakai pack on alternate days but all in hell. No results.
    I have a stressful sitting job since I am a software developer and most of my time goes with my laptop. Cant sleep without taking pills.

    Rejected 3 times in marriage proposals due to bald patch. What do I do now?

    • Hello, Eating healthy, using natural products and staying fit is all great.

      Take a break, just go have some fun.

      And as India Philosophy says, do your work but don’t be attached to your results.

      Easier said than done but that is the best approach for anything in life.

      Best wishes.

  • agnes rathod says:

    I am a 55 years old woman. I am suffering from itching and hairfall from the hairline. I also have tiny boils on my scalp. I bi-monthly dye my hair with Garnier dye. Please advice me on these problems.

  • Sara says:

    Which henna brand is the most natural and which one should i use for grey hair

  • tabassum says:

    Hi minaz
    I want to know may I add brahmi and amla powder and fenugreek seed in mixture of sesame oil,coconut oil,castor and almond oil?

  • Vishnu Ramesh says:

    Hi Minaz,

    I have been under medication. I have been applying androanagen which contains saw palmetto and green apple. When I apply and massage my scalp, loads of hair are present on my fingers. Please advise as to what is the best I can do. I am a 22 year old male. Also let me know if you have a twitter handle. Will be easier to communicate.




    • Hi Vishnu,

      I read androanagen has a lot of side effects, so I won’t use it.
      Why don’t you use oils such as brahmi-amla to massage your scalp.

      You can find me on twitter @hairbuddha

  • Munna Prajapati says:

    Hi minaz, i have been rubbing my fingers 2 months but it is not working
    Plz tell me appropriate solution for growing hair.

  • Anilkumar says:

    Hi minaz, I am suffering from hair loss from forehead. I have used Medicines still not find any improvement. and I am a chartered accountant, mind work will be there. I dont know which way to go to solve my problem. can you please suggest me.
    Thanks in advance

  • amit kumar says:

    Hello Minaz. My hairs are thin and frizzy and weak from roots. I have dry dandruff which sometimes become itchy. I feel that whenever i have more dandruff, then my hairs become more weak. Before 1 year, i used pure shikakai, 1 small reetha and bhringraj and put it into a iron vessel and boiled. And put this paste for whole night. Next day morning i washed my hair from it. And i got very good results. But this i used only for 2 times. So now my question is , can i mix dry amla, shikakai, reetha, and bhringraj powder at once and boil it into iron vessel and left for the night. And what should be the ratio of all ingredients. Somebody told me that reetha is very hard hair cleanser. So use half reetha or small full reetha. And also how many days in a week should i use hair massage? Please guide me. Thanks in advance. My mail id is: [email protected]

  • Kinder Banwait says:

    Hi Minaz, I’m fed up with permanent hair dye, as get blisters in my scalpe,really bad reaction. Can you please suggest or is there a natural way of colouring exist?

  • Dhiren Mistry says:

    Hi I am Dhiren Mistry & like others, I am also suffering from hair fall problem too.
    Let me tell you my exact short story in order to easy for you to advise for the same.

    My hair was good till May & then I had started Gym for the purpose of fat loss. I am very curious regarding reducing fat loss & I had very strict diet, so I have stopped eating Protein foods around 04 months. During that period, I was using Emami Hair gel to get the shape my hair in new style & had a lot of pressure in my work also during that time. I was bathing two times a day due to too much sweat. More hair fall was started during that period only.

    Currently I am using Coconut oil & massaging at alternative day in night but hair fall is still not stopped. I have also started Intake of protein food & shorten hair also for prevention.

    My Query is as below.
    – Please comment on my current prevention or advise better prevention measures.
    – Return of fallen hair is possible in my case ? If yes, how much time it will take to regrowth fallen hair?

    Hope you understand & waiting for your guidance.

    • Hi Dhiren, my advise is that you visit a nutritionist to check if you are eating a balanced diet.
      Coconut oil massage is good.

    • Dhiren Mistry says:

      Hi Minaz,

      Thanks for message. Yes, I will go & check with nutritionist. Can you advise on my 02nd query as I am worried about hair too much.

    • Surya says:

      you should try nail rubbing exercise,,, it looks funny but it will make ur hair lovable by ur honey heheheh,,,do try it,,,it works…And along with nail rubbing start practicing kapalbhati and anulom vilom pranayam….and shed all ur bad habits, if u have any…like excessive smoking and drinking

  • gurshinder sidhu says:

    Hi minaz…read ur blog few days bak which talks about amla and shikakai and reetha shampoo..please tell me how to use it in powder form and will it be equally effective like u told??? I have dry frizzy hair

    • Hi Gurshinder, take 1 tbsp shikakai and 1/2 tbsp amla powder, add hot water to make a runny paste. once cool use that to wash your hair.

  • bhargavi says:

    my scalp is itchy and I’m massaging everyday to feel good, but hair loss is extreme. I had a thin hair and now after five months, I have lost half of my hair. I’m eating badam, using coconut oil and very mild shampoos like reeta shampoo, or patanjali shampoos. washing my hair only once a week, applying oil always. not sure where the mistake is, but my hair is halved now. can you suggest

  • Amir says:

    I moved to a new city. Water is hard here. So, is there a way to protect my hair from hard water because I am suffering severe hair loss. Is there any easy way to make water soft or maybe any other remedy to avoid hair fall?

  • Gemma says:

    Hi Minaz! Ever since I found your website last November, I’ve been on the natural hair shampoo and rinse, and have been ever so happy with the effects. My hair is definitely softer and less than dry, and that was after having it dyed in a salon and everything! Normally, my hair would be breaking all the over place by now, but aside from my usual hair fall and scalp eczema (which is getting controlled, I think, with aloe vera gel), it’s been great.

    My question/post suggestion now is — how do you manage when you go off to a trip somewhere where it isn’t feasible to be boiling herbs? I’m going to make do with a paraben-free conditioner and an apple cider vinegar hair rinse, although I’ll be missing my lime-chamomile-calendula concoction. And thank goodness I have the powder versions of shikakai-aritha-licorice!

    But yes, quite curious how you do it!

  • Surya Shankar says:

    Good morning Minaz madam
    my age is 18 and i am suffering with a heavy hair fall since 20days so how can i stop my hairfall
    and what should i do to regrow my hair

    • Hello Surya,

      I have covered many things under sections: hair loss and hair vitamins.

      If I have to suggest 3 things for you it would be:
      1. Head massage with coconut oil (extra virgin is the best)
      2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
      3. Do yoga (especially pranayam)

      You are very young so enjoy your life, don’t get too stressed about losing your hair. With or without hair ”life is beautiful” :-).

      Best wishes.

  • RPatel says:

    I have bookmarked this website, all natural ancient remedies. The blog I read was very useful. Please reply to my below concern. I want to know the effect of ‘no shampoo’ on Indian origin hair type. As Indians we do not shampoos on daily basis, only once or twice in a week. I have started ‘no shampoo’ from 1.5 month, I do not know what will be the result and when I will start seeing? So far I did not face oily period on my hair it was very mild, washed once every week with baking soda afterwards apple cider vinegar (stopped using vinegar as hair used get very dry – not smooth). Please tell me when I will start seeing the changes. As of now, I can not leave my hair open tying everyday as they are not smooth to style over and is frizzy. The hair does not look fresh like how it used to after shampoo/conditioner with sleek and less frizzy to style and flow. Hair feels dry and rough.

    Please reply, I appreciate it.

    • Don’t use baking soda, it’s also drying. Try reetha-shikakai shampoo from the blog.

  • shubhankar says:

    hello mam i m suffering from male pattern baldness, m 20 yrs old. I m undergoing with medicine i.e, tugain of cipla and follhair of abbott but still it’s not working. Can u help me??

  • Sarang says:

    Hi Minaz, Nice to see your Blog. I am based out of Chennai.

    For my hair I use Coconut oil boiled with Curry leaves. It helps in preventing hair turning grey. Once in a week I also use Til oil boiled with Ginger. The results are absolutely good. No itching or dandruff.

    Cordially yours,

  • RPatel says:

    Thanks for your reply below to RPATEL. But can you please tell me the things that I am facing while ditching the market shampoo’s and only using natural minimal ayuervedic products. I tried reetha-shikakai to wash my hair after 2 months instead of baking soda.But my hair has freeze- rough/dry, not smooth or silky, like how I used to feel after shampoo and conditioners. I have to tie them up and can not style them as they are rough. Please suggest.

  • maheshwar says:


    I see somewhere in internet that, LICORICE, DANDELION, BURDOCK Root paste will regrow the lost hair. We just need to make a paste from these 3 roots and apply on scalp. With in very few weeks the hair will regrow.
    Does it really work ?
    Any other suggestions ?

    Best regards.

    • I know that licorice is good for hair. Don’t know about the other two herbs. You can also try fenugreek and yogurt pack.

  • maheshwar says:

    Need your valuable suggestions about hair regrowth.

    1. I see somewhere in internet that, LICORICE, DANDELION, BURDOCK Root paste will regrow the lost hair. We just need to make a paste from these 3 roots and apply on scalp. With in very few weeks the hair will regrow. Does it really work ?

    2. Using Derma roller on scalp will regrow the lost hair.

    Does this really work ?

    Please let me know.


  • Sally Sapsford says:

    Hello! I have just found your website today. I am finding it very enlightening! I have one quick question for you….can you use the Miracle Hair Mask and Egg Shampoo on coloured hair? Will it change my colour or enhance my colour? Thanks so much.

  • Rahul Singhal says:

    All i can say … WOW !!! after reading your articles and solutions.. Good Bless You.. Keep Posting !!!

  • Sara says:

    Hi. Thank you so much for all of your helpful suggestions! I have been losing hair for over 5 years and the doctors can’t figure out why. I am very eager to try all of your suggestions. Do you have any remedies for the scalp when it burns? The doctors prescribed a steroid cream but it made my hair situation worse. What causes the burning and do you have any treatments?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sara,

      Is your scalp dry?
      Do you think you could be allergic to any hair products?

    • Sara says:

      No, the scalp is not dry and I do not believe I’m allergic although it could be a possibility. I feel that the burning is coming from inside- stress or inflammation. When I was on anti-anxiety medication for stress, it was not burning. Currently, I am spraying aloe on my scalp and using arnica gel. I am going to try your yogurt mask soon- that sounds soothing. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it!

      Thank you!

    • Try drinking coriander/cilantro juice. Take 1/4 cup leaves and grind with 1/3 cup water. Strain and drink. You can also apply the pulp on the scalp. Let me know how this goes.

    • Sara says:

      HI Thank you for your suggestion. I tried yogurt with fenugreek seeds, alma powder and brahmi powder first (no cilantro in the house). The yogurt was very cooling on the scalp but only lasted an hour or so. I noticed the heat was worse on the sides of my head than on top- i have considerable thinning on the top of my head but the sides are much worse. When I was able to get some cilantro, I drank the juice and put the pulp on my scalp. It was cooling at first but the burning never went away- was this supposed to work inside out or outside in? I cut up some aloe and put that on my scalp before bed. Do you have any other suggestions? I am eager to find a remedy/cure! Thank you!

  • Alice says:

    Hi there and thank you for showing us a recipe for shampoo that actually works! Just a few questions… Is the shampoo safe for kids? My 11 year old son got his eyes a bit red after I washed his hair with it… So maybe you know a shampoo recipe for kids that is less irritating? Just a thought…
    The other question is… Can we use the shampoo recipe to wash our body too? Like some sort of liquid soap? And what would you add to it to make it more “milky”? I thought maybe adding some coconut milk or glycerin but I don’t know… What would you suggest?

    • Hi Alice, you didn’t mention which shampoo?

    • Alice says:

      Oops, I meant the shikakaia, reetha and amla recipe…

    • You can mix reetha-shikakai shampoo with castile soap (equal quantities).
      Coconut milk is also a good option, add aloe vera gel to it (equal quantities) and use like regular shampoo.
      Let us know how it goes.

  • annie says:

    Hi Minaz – I’ve been digging through your website, and can’t seem to find the ‘recipe’ I’m looking for that was about how to use both Amla Powder and Brahma Powder in a hair treatment? Can you share the link or treatment info? thanks!!

  • Sasha says:

    Hey, I want to mix coconut, olive, castor and almond oil. Can you please let me know what quantity of each will be needed in the mixture tsp/tbsp wise .

  • Kanchana says:

    Hi Minaz. I am 24 years old.
    1)I have had a wide forehead from childhood. But as I grew up the hairline seems to have receeded a little more. I dont want to look as if I am bald. What do I do grow hair in the front naturally. I dont want to use any medication for this purpose. Pls suggest any effective home remedy. And btw I have curly to wavy hair.

    2) I think I am losing a lot of hair while detangling after washing my hair. What should I do to have hair without much tangles. I would love to flaunt my curls but thefear of tangles leaves me with no choice but to comb my hair into a fluffy frizzy mass and tie it up in a braid… Pls help .

  • Dia Ghai says:

    Dear Minaz,
    Which vinegar do you suggest for removing nits from hair? white or apple cider and does it matter of it is organic or not?

    • Dear Dia, both white or apple cider vinegar are fine. And it doesn’t matter organic or not.

  • Kasturi says:

    Dear Minaz, I am 23 years old, and suffering from a long term problem, please suggest me ways out to recover. I am a PCOS patient undergoing treatment. I am sufferring from immense hairloss that I am going to be categorised as a “bald woman”. My scalp is thinning day by day since years. I want to recover my hair follicles and hair volume too. Please help me.

    • Dear Kasturi,
      A separate post on pcod and hair loss is long overdue. Hopefully soon.
      Till then go through this and this, you will find lot of insights here.

  • Rejin says:

    Hi Minaz, I am 28 writing from Bangalore, I have severe hairloss and dandruff, visited many doctor here including Ayurveda still the issue is not solved, can you please suggest some home remedies.

  • Mridul Singh says:

    Hello Minaz ,
    I’m mrudul , 26 male, recently my hair have been turning white and is very visible. earlier it was just little but now it can easily be seen. as per google research i thought it might be due to lack of B12 deficiency. However im a non vegeterian who eats eggs daily so i doubt it might be deficiency of B12. im not really sure what might be the reason for my hair turning white at such a young age. I’m losing my confidence because of this when i face people. my diet is filled with protein i.e eggs chicken yogurt. however since couple of yours i havnt been eating veggies much. i cannot figure out the reason. Please guide me with this query. Also, I request you to help me out with a remedy please.

    • raja says:

      Mridul i ask you to read the entire hairloss portion of this website. If you say i did already just for me go once. Just read it read it keep read it few times.
      Then you would definitely find out what the problem you have.
      Dont simply said you have lack of some vitamin and by avoiding veges & greens you make more trouble to your hair. You need all nuts fruits vege fish egg and so on.
      Ever since you became to worry and conscious on your hair that has fallen you get in more trouble .This is more harm to you mentally as well. So please take the Hair affirmation and believe you feed good nutritients to your hair and it take some time. Be patience believe in your process and thoughts. Read hairloss column now.. i believe you will be gotta lustrous hair☺
      things you should follow
      1.stay cool
      2. Dont view mirror. Bec it makes more stress
      3. Get hair massagr with warm coconut oil daily and go for a weekly once sesame oil massage on either tue or fri.
      4. Stop junk food and snacks/sweets/salt foods.
      5. Consume more water especially on empty stomach. Go for a cow milk
      . Take ginger garlic onion applications
      6. Practise asanas amd pranayama. Just get out bed at 5am and religiously involve in meditation.
      7. Avoid all chemicals and start using natural ( shikakkai, aloevera, fenugreek, egg and so on)
      Dont take this all as simple it will change your worries sure.
      This is the wonderful site and i just love thiss all and read daily. You must read everything on this site and follow the best.

    • Danell says:

      He (Mridul) states his hair is turning white, not falling out. Was looking for reason or ideas to slow whitening process.

  • Raja says:

    I fall in love with buddha recently and i amazed about his life and taughts. Now i really love with minaz for yours onderful work. So Iam present.

  • parinder Tiwana says:

    hi luv ur sight have started following some of the stuff. Pls can you give De. joshi phone number where is he based in India.

  • Shubham says:

    Which exercise is bst for thin hair ?

    • Minaz says:

      Pranayam, yoga, walking, cycling, running etc.

  • Vimala says:

    Which to learn more.

  • Henrietta says:

    Ok…I have a question… I consider myself a home herbalist so I am wondering what herbs are good to use besides Rosemary? I grow my own lemon Basil, Orange Mint, purple Basil and sweet Basil. Yes, I love Basil. Lol. I have extremely dry hair especially in the summer because I colour & have a bit of grey… shh! Lol. The Rosemary water tends to dry out my hair. Thanks for this article!

    • Minaz says:

      Wow.. you must share your herb knowledge with us.
      Rosemary is drying for my hair too.
      You can try marshmallow root. even basil is good. Have you tried it?
      Here are more herbs for dry hair.

  • Prema Shanker says:

    Minaz I liked your website about hair topics, very easy to read and understand and your transition from being a physiotherapist to alternative medicine

  • Connie says:

    I am making the Brahmi-Amla hair oil and wanted to know how often it should be used. Thank you

    • Minaz says:

      You can use it once or twice a week.

  • Jai Kumar says:

    hello minaz well i am suffering with hair loss from 2 years and still looking for the best solution for by doing research like you. well i need the advice from you is that i have oily scalp and have heard increase sebum may cause dandruff and hairfall so please provide me the best remedy because i can’t do oil to my hair because of this

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Jai,
      Give these 3 hair masks a try and see what work best for your hair:
      1. Miracle hair mask
      2. Ayurvedic hair mask
      3. Egg and olive oil hair mask.
      Use each hair mask 2-3 times and see which one suits your hair the best. And continue using that.

  • Deepu says:

    Mam iam 23 yrs old can i use clinic plus shampoo

  • Raj says:

    Hi minaz
    I am having a huge hair loss at the age of 31 but what to do to stop and regrow the hair because in next upcoming year I will be totally bald ,and also not suits my personality I want to regrow my hair without hair transplantation
    Due you have any suggestions
    On oily scalp

  • Dorota Grodzinska says:

    Minaz: thank you for posting hair remedies. I am going to use couple of them to revive my hair which is getting limp and dry…I am participating in a clinical trial for migraines and I think it is affecting my hair. Is this the way to contact you, or can you respond to my email and I can give you a full story. Since you are a neuro therapist I thought you might have an understanding of my particular situation. Thank you! Dorota

  • Sala says:

    I m lossing my im about 40%blad and stil going on i m using onion and castor oil wl this help me in growing new hairs and i m form pakistan

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Sala,

      Try it a few times to see if it works or not.

      You can also apply egg mask or ayurvedic hair mask. See which one works best for you.

  • Aliya Nazir says:

    Hi Minaz,
    I signed up for your newsletter but got no link in my inbox not even in spam. What may have happened.
    I am impressed with your egg and olive oil hair mask and intend to try it. Scared about the smell in the bathroom, please can you suggest some methods to take that smell off from the bathroom ??

  • Syed Abdul azeem says:

    Hie..minaz.Sesame seed and amla powder tip.. in how many days it work.please reply thank you…?

  • Julie says:

    I just think thank goodness for inspirational kind people like you

  • Tanu Kalra says:

    Severe hairfall

  • kaushik says:

    allopecia problem…??
    nail rubbing work….???

  • narendra Nathawat says:

    treatment for hair

  • Raghavendra says:

    Hi Minaz,

    I am 30 now. I am facing more hairloss. My doubt is will I regrow my hair back at this age by applying all your tips and diets?
    And please tell me at what age you have regrown your hair back.
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Many Thanks,

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Raghu, I am 37 years old. Yes it is certainly possible at 30, because I was older than you when I regrew my lost hair.
      Best wishes.

    • kumud says:

      Hello ma’am
      I am 28 years old and i have been experiencing hair loss from the past 6 years and now my hair are very weak and thin… Earlier i used to have double the volume and thick hair as compared to what i have today. Also when i massage my hair,my hair falls out even more. I am very tensed. Will a proper diet and exercise help? If yes then for how long i need to practice it.? Please revert ma’am.. Looking for a favourable response.

      Thanks and regards

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Kumud, If hair massage causes more hair fall, just do a light tapping with fingers on the scalp, this will also stimulate your hair follicles.
      It will take a few months. The less stressed you are, the faster your hair will grow.

    • kumud says:

      thanks for ur reply ma’am.
      my hair is all thinned out,i feel as i dont have hair on my head. can they be cured by ur tips?

  • Arunabh says:

    Hello Minaz,

    You are doing great deed for the world. May you continue to get more insights and depths in your work.

    All the best.

    • Minaz says:

      Thanks for your kind words Arunabh.

  • Hiiii
    First of all thanks for the info. About hair regrowth,, I have a question, can I regrow my lost hair without nail running,, coz I’m afraid with this technique, reason is chance of mistake by me

  • Harsha says:

    Hi Minaz,

    My age is 29 years.I used to have thick, silky,shiny and straight hair.But now my hair is turning frizzy and brittle.Not straight even.I am suffering from hair loss from two years and 9 months.But sometimes say may b 6 months it was fine.But again huge hair loss from this year january.Hair has become very thin.No volume.Can you please tell me how can I stop hair loss and get my lost hair back.Please

  • amit says:

    Hairfall 50% need suggest.
    Internal and external. Solutions

  • Pratibha says:

    Hello again, Minaz,
    I had written to you sometime last year. Have not given up making and using Miracle Hair mask and Shikekai shampoo that you have kindly suggested, though I still don’t see any improvement but have not given up hope. Scalp continues to be overly oily, with fine, thinning hair and hair loss which leaves me disappointed. With so many home made natural products, I am getting really confused. My only wish is to keep whatever little hair that’s left !
    I believe oily scalp can also be a reason for hair loss and still it is necessary to use the oils for nourishment. No conditioning is necessary either after shampooing.
    I have started taking Vit.B12 and So what routine should I follow

  • Pratibha says:

    Sorry my previous comment was not completed and it got posted.
    I have started having Vit B2 and Biotine 5000 mcg if this will be any help. Is there any way I can keep oiliness at bay or use some kind of refreshing herbal spray between applying hair pack and shampooing twice a week. Hair grows quickly – a good 2 inches in two months but it remains thin/fine and straggly. How can I thicken my hair ? Thankyou very much.

  • Zia says:

    Hi, I have been using Amla Juice since 1 month as suggested. In the last 2-3 years lost my lots of hair from both side nd upper part.
    Let me know please how can i get my lost hair or regrow.

  • Jatin Shah says:

    Hi Minaz,
    You mentioned to use unrefined castor oil.but on other blogs I read to use refined castor oil.it says unrefined castor oil is poiseneous.I am confuse now can you please help me here.I just started using castor oil for my itching scalp and dandruff problem.I am at present using refined castor oil.I have this problem since last 6 to 7 months and I didnt loose hair but now it grows very slowely and all the bushyness is thining now.I used to able to hold a small ponytail after 2 months of last hair cut now it takes three months but hair is not that much like before.I am also having bumps and itching problem for last 2 months.


    • Minaz says:

      Hi Jatin, Unrefined castor oil is okay to use on hair. If you are not getting results after using castor oil, don’t use it.
      For dandruff, try this and this

  • Preeti says:

    Can you advise me the best shampoo for hair fall issue? I was diagnosed with Telogen Effluvium where I losing over 50 hairs almost every day since long time.

    • Minaz says:

      What is the cause of Telogen Effluvium?

  • Jacqui Malcolm says:

    s brushing good for your hair, my daughter and I have not washed our hair for 4 weeks now as we don’t like the commercial shampoos, but will certainly make one of yours, but we have been brushing our hair with a hogs hair brush for about and hour each evening after dinner and rinsing with rosemary infused water. Is this amount of brushing okay, our hair is looking good. She has very thick wavy brown hair and I have fine grey hair, but plenty of it.

    • Minaz says:

      May be an hour is a bit too much, but if you have very thick hair and you are doing it in sections, it will require more time. Try reducing the brushing time by half.
      And continue rosemary hair rinse, it’s excellent for hair.
      Let me know how it goes for you.

  • Rose says:

    Ma’am plz help me I hav losted my 1/3 hair . Wat can I do for regrowth . I hav dandruff and oily skin plz suggest me

  • pradeep says:

    Mam, Iam at South Sudan, we use hard water what precaution should I take to protect my hair..

    • Minaz says:

      Always oil your hair before you wash it. And use lime/vinegar diluted with water as a last rinse.

  • daniela says:

    Halo Minaz, thank you very much for so many information πŸ™‚ I have question, please. I love to use kefir/milk on my hair/skin, but I hate how it smells after that. No matter how I wash if off, it smells until the second day. My husband always laughs that I smell like a puked baby. Any tip how to cover/get rid of the smell? Same thing with fennugreek, love what it does to my hair, but the smell is really bad…thank you soooooo much

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Daniela, you can use a hair rinse to mask the smell. Lavender, rosemary, chamomile – whatever your hair likes.

    • daniela says:

      thank you, I’ll try it πŸ™‚

  • md aleem says:

    My hair loss in 6month and antidendruf

  • Tara Leibel says:

    I was drawn to your blog.
    I will try your suggestions.

  • mudassir says:

    Hi Minaz, Im 23 year old boy. my hair count was very good and thick as well. All of sudden from last 3 months im experience horrible hair loss. I dnt know why, still im confused. It is like hand full of hair when ever i touch my head. Please help me. I cant see this. Please.

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Mudassir, have you had any stressful event lately?

  • Sugandha says:

    Can u plzz tell me which Castor is best for hair?

  • Hima says:

    Hello mam, Iam 16 yrs old.I loss a lot of hair daily.I lost almost half of my hair which I had before.I had very beautiful staright and soft har.Now it turned curly and very thin.I cant even braid my hair.Is it due to any vitamin deficieny?How long it will take for regrowth

    • Minaz says:

      Yes it could be vitamin deficiency. Check your vitamin D, B12, iron levels. It takes about a year for your hair to grow back.

  • Indhu says:

    Minaz I’m a 23 yr old girl I had a long n straight silky hair naturally but in last few yrs my hair started losing n now its only half of my hair remains n I still hav a severe hair fall I’m vry afraid of losing my hair .since I hav a broad forehead this hair fall makes me look bald day by day .I hav started using natural ingredient but my hair fall still not stop n it worsens more..help me out can I regrow my hair lyk the old one pls help me out im very much depressed n sumtyms I feel vry inferior .pls help me out of dis..

  • Netra says:

    Ma’am, please help me. I have an oily scalp and dry hair. When I was a teen,I had dense hair but dn after staying in hostel for 5years,my hair volume has reduced drastically. Although, I hv started using Parabeen and sulphate free shampoo but have hardly seen any changes. PLEASE HELP ME REGAIN MY DENSE VOLUME OF HAIR again. I shall be extremely thankful to you

  • ANJALI says:

    Hi iam 25 year old female… some of my hair is greying… can it turned to black? Iam vegetarian and starting to eat egg some days two months ago..eating one tablespoon black sesame per day.. raggy with cow milk per day.. eating butter per day.. yogurt etc apllyng onion at small quantity thrice a week and washing hair once in a week with red hibicus leaf paste.. not using shamboo..doing nail rubbing sime days.. can my hair turn to bkack? Is onion can apply daily? Do you know anyone grey hair turn to black? Please answer me…

  • Shan Khan says:

    Hi Minaz ! Hopefully you will be fine and good…….I have Alopecia in my hairs and beard for 2 years ago……….I am using different medicines but not any results……….Please help me to get rid of alopecia

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Shan Khan, alopecia is usually triggered by a stressful episode. Also, unhealthy diet can cause inflammation in the body, which can then trigger alopecia. Look into these two thing.
      Have your vitamin D and B12 checked.

  • Rhodnia Johnson says:

    Love your stories and articles. Do you have anything on how to make Ayurveda oils using the various Ayurveda herbs?

    • Minaz says:

      Thanks. Search amla oil and brahmi oil.

  • storm says:

    awesome story Minaz πŸ˜€
    im currently hitting fifty & my hair is starting to thin out as i age, i know its unrealistic to think i can hang onto it indefinitely but a few more years could be nice, im very youthful looking male. thanks to my tiny child doll like barbie mum.
    my dads hair started thinning in his mid forties. Ive started using an expensive french rose hip oil (i don’t want to say the brand name here, its all written in french anyway) it has a scientific ingredient similar to rogaine, i tried rogaine its very harsh, i get deathly tired & ill feeling after using it & ive had to wash it out numerous times. a hair care professional friend suggested it & gave me a bottle from her salon. rose hip oil is way more natural & when i feel my scalp with my fingertips, i can feel the velvety feeling of new hair pushing up πŸ˜€ i might get a few more good hair days yet! Im fascinated by sub continent India culture & remedies, (did you hear about colgate stealing a toothpaste formula from an Indian village) ive totally boycotted colgate from my home because of it & for a big company to conduct itself like that its not something i want to be part of.

    peace love & alfalfa sprouts!!!

  • Deeni says:

    I have lost hair to the foremost part of my head. It has been more than 10 years now and now the area is free from hair. Can hair be regrown there?

    • Minaz says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. But at the same time I wouldn’t obsess about it.
      Are you a type A personality who takes a lot of stress?

  • Susan says:

    Is there Alma Oil premade? I was going to mix Bhringraj oil with is in a carrier oil for my hair issues? Thank you for your time!

    • Minaz says:

      You can buy amla oil from the store.

  • Chandana says:

    Can we mix bring raj powder with onion juice

    • Minaz says:

      Yes you can.

  • wajahat says:

    hi Mianz
    Man am 20 year Old my hair fall nOt stop ..i see my head in the mirror Man please help me how can i stop it ?

  • Shamsa says:

    Hi menaz according :https://www.hairbuddha.net/make-your-own-natural-shampoo-get-soft-and-shiny-hair-at-home/ I have Blonde hair could you please send a video tape of how to make these? ( especiallt the Blonde ) have hard to understand the description…my english is no good either
    Lots of love

  • nisha says:

    can i use curd instead of yogurt in miracal hair mask with feenugreek

    • Minaz says:

      They both are same πŸ™‚

    • nisha says:

      Thank you.. I am big fan of your blog

    • Minaz says:

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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