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Hello beautiful, welcome to hair buddha. I am Minaz, an ex-practicing Neuro-Physiotherapist turned natural – hair – therapist!  I am writing to share my experiences on natural hair care that has been effective not only on me but also on many wonderful people around me.

My healthy hair mantra is “eat natural and feed your hair natural”. I like to blend traditional wisdom with modern science. I come from India, the land of champi-tel malish, which literally means head massage using pure or herb infused oils. For centuries, hair nourishing rituals such as head massage, henna hair packs, herb infused oils and mud baths have been an integral part of hair grooming for both men and women. Sadly, the natural hair care ritual is gradually fading away and so is the hair health. Through my blog, I want to revive the nourishing rituals for happy and healthy hair.

With loving wishes to have a ‘good hair day’ everyday 🙂

Why hair buddha?

Many people think buddha is the name of the founder of Buddhism. But his original name was Siddhartha Gautama. When he gained enlightenment, through intense mediation, he was given the title of buddha. (I am a spiritual person and I have a huge reverence for Gautam Buddha – one of the greatest prophets of all time.)

Buddha comes from the Sanskrit work buddhi. It literally means wise, learnt, or awakened.

I have gone through many hair problems. During the course of hair struggle I came to realise that just by changing shampoo or conditioner my hair will not improve.

It’s much deeper than that.

Yes hair that comes out of that scalp is pretty much dead. But the manufacturing unit of hair – that hair follicle – is situated beneath the scalp and it is alive. This hair follicle is fed by the nutrients and oxygen supplied by the blood vessel.

So fixing it externally is not going to help. We need to take a holistic approach in caring for it better.

I have done many years of research, and read extensively on hair care. My background in medical sciences helps me see the scientific picture on any hair problem. And my interest in yoga, ayurveda and natural remedies makes the complete package holistic.

But honestly, I am still learning. My quest is on and through hair buddha I like to share with you what makes your hair healthy and beautiful.

If you have been reading my posts you will know that this blog is not just about hair. I am passionate about helping people feel better, more beautiful, and in alignment with their true self.

And I like to thank all my dear readers for your love and support. You keep me going and it means a world to me.


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Anusree VK says

How long should we use aloe Vera for hair to see a good result

    Minaz says

    If aloe vera is working for you you will see ‘some results’ in 2-3 use.

Wonder s chanetsa says

Thanks to you am from Africa do you have a solution for my African hair and also I run a beauty salon

    Minaz says

    Hello, do check the section on dry hair, it has loads of tips for your hair type.

    Also, this hair mask works for all hair types.

Lisa says

Do you have any experience with hair growth after chemotherapy? The hair on the top of my head did not all come back after Taxotere and I have some bald spots.

Leigh Wolhuter says

I would very much like to join your blog. I have suffered for years with fine hair and hair loss. And would love to find out more about the problem and how to solve it.

Gladys says

Thanks for this natural advice

cherry says

Hi Minaz
Hope your doing well

When I am doing hair oil for head and also head bath I am seeing a lot of hair fall.

Hair oil: parachute coconut and aloe vera oil
Shampoo:Tresemme shampoo

I am using the above products from one year? currently I am seeing a lot hair fall from last month while taking headbath and doing hair oil for head.

How can I regrow lost hair and also prevent hair fall?

Appreciate your help on this

Chowda Reddy says

Mam I’m suffering from hair fall from last 1yea now what will do to regrow my lost hairs and control hairfallUM tOtaly frustrated bcoz I’m just 22 year old please give solution to this problem mam

assumita chiremba says

I am a Zimbabwean – typical black African. I stumbled on your link. Before I even read all your blogs, I am convinced the tips are for me. I will be giving you feedback soon.

Rosemary Ochei says

Good morning,

Keep up the good work ma.

I am 41 years old now but I started growing gray hair very much on time (in my teen)and I started applying hair dye for roughly 1 year now. Though it darken my hair when applied but after 1 week, the dye begins to fade away, revealing the white hairs again. I also notice that my hair texture has changed negatively.

Please I need home remedy for MY gray hair so that I can completely do away with the dye as soon as I am able to get a natural lasting remedy for my gray hair.



Pooja says

Hi minaz..I like your blog.its very helpful and provide very intensive care tips and methods for hair and skin.

I read your rice water post and I liked it.I prefer boiled rice water but want to know if I can ferment the boiled rice water and use it . ?

    Minaz says

    Thanks Pooja.
    No, it won’t ferment and will go bad.

Jennifer Pagano says

Hello,I’m a follower and I have a issue anything natural I put in hair such as fruit eggs etc…because I have natural curly hair I have a very difficult time getting it combed it is so dry the moment I get done washing hair it dries,what can I do ?have emailed you before didn’t get response

    Minaz says

    Hi Jennifer, you should use herbal rinses. They are easy to use for your hair types.
    Here are some ideas

nisha says

can i use curd instead of yogurt in miracal hair mask with feenugreek

    Minaz says

    They both are same 🙂

    nisha says

    Thank you.. I am big fan of your blog

    Minaz says

    Thanks 🙂

Shamsa says

Hi menaz according :https://www.hairbuddha.net/make-your-own-natural-shampoo-get-soft-and-shiny-hair-at-home/ I have Blonde hair could you please send a video tape of how to make these? ( especiallt the Blonde ) have hard to understand the description…my english is no good either
Lots of love

wajahat says

hi Mianz
Man am 20 year Old my hair fall nOt stop ..i see my head in the mirror Man please help me how can i stop it ?

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