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Why Use Wooden Hair Brush: Stimulates Hair Growth and Relaxes Scalp

wooden hair brush benefits

For all these years, I have been a big fan of wooden combs. But recently, I have taken a liking to wooden brushes.

The natural wood bristles feel so good and therapeutic. They are perfect to stimulate and massage the scalp. This obviously increases circulation, which means more nutrients reach your hair follicle and improve growth.

After a few weeks of using it, I have noticed that my hair looks fuller, shinier and rejuvenated.

Also, the feel of wood on the scalp is very relaxing, like someone’s stroking your hair.

That’s why I enjoy brushing my hair not just in the morning but at random times in the day and before bed. I have found that it helps to de-stress and release tension, especially after a long day. And probably it’s a placebo effect, but I sleep better at night (if I brush before bed).

Who should use a wooden brush?

Everyone: any hair length, thin or thick, men or women will benefit from brushing with wooden bristles. It will improve your hair and scalp health with the least effort.

So if you’ve been using the same plastic brush you bought years ago, it might be time to upgrade. Here are 7 reasons why you should get a wooden brush….

7 Benefits of Using a Wooden Brush

1. Stimulates hair follicles

The wooden bristles are like little massaging fingers on the scalp. They not just feel lovely, but they even help stimulate hair follicles to promote new growth.

2. Makes your hair grow faster and thicker

The massaging effect also boosts scalp circulation, bringing amazing nutrients to the hair roots. This, in turn, will make your hair grow faster and healthier.

3. Stops Hair Breakage

I like how well the brush glides through my hair. Since the bristles are wide and soft, they separate and manage hair easily without any pull. This means smooth, beautiful hair with less work!

Of course, if you have lots of knots and tangles, its best to use a wide-tooth wood comb – which is gentler, especially if you have curly and thick hair.

combing with wooden hair brush

4. Naturally Conditions hair

As you comb, the wooden bristles work to distribute the natural oils from your scalp all the way down to the ends. Your own hair oils are the best natural conditioner! So distributing them from root to tip helps to keep the hair soft and moisturized.

Expect smooth, healthy-looking tresses with luminous shine.

Tip: If you have fine hair and you want extra volume, flip your head upside down and brush from the nape of your neck to the ends of your hair.

5. Helps with Dandruff and Sensitive Scalp 

Unlike the plastic or metal pins, the wooden tips won’t scratch your scalp. So if you have a sensitive scalp, this is bliss.

It may also help with dandruff, especially if your dandruff is due to dry scalp. A regular massage with a wooden brush will normalise the oil production and remove dandruff. Plus, it will also get rid of dead cells and flakes deposited on your scalp.

6. Prevents Static and Flyaways

Wood has a neutral charge, hence static is almost negligible.

So those of you whose hair go wildly static after combing with plastic bristles can breathe a sigh of relief. Thankfully the wood bristles untangle and style hair without building an electric charge. And you can comb your hair in peace.

7. Environmental Friendly

What I also like about the wooden brushes is that they do not harm the environment – like the plastic ones.

We all know plastic doesn’t decompose and so is filling up our oceans and landfills at a rate I’d rather not think about. Wooden hairbrushes use natural materials that not only last longer and but also decompose a lot faster.

How to Use Wood Brush?

Like you would use a normal brush.

Start at the roots. From there, work the brush through your hair to the tip. Comb every section of your scalp a few times. You can also flip your hair upside down and brush from the nape of your neck to the ends of your hair. Doing this will improve blood flow to the top of your scalp.

Note: If your hair is too tangled, use a wide-tooth comb to remove any knots. Always start from the ends and moving your way up.

How to keep the brush clean?

Like any other combs, keep your brushes clean, so you don’t transfer the grease back into your hair.

Every time you wash your hair, take your brush/comb with you and wash it as well. You can use some soap and warm water to clean it. If it’s greasy or dirty, use an old toothbrush to scrub it gently.

Also, remove any hair from the bristles (I use a bobby pin).

Where to Buy?

You can find the wooden brushes in stores, but there’s much more variety to buy online. Here are some good ones that I found:

Wooden hair brush: great for all hair types

Wood brush with extra long wood pins: for thick/curly hair

Travel size wood brush: small and handy, perfect for travel and for daily use on the go

Soft bristle wood brush for babies

Do you use a wood brush? How has it changed your hair health? Share below…

wooden hair brush benefits

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Mimi says

Thank you for this post! I received a wooden brush a while ago as part of a wellness kit that I won at a wellness fair. Honestly, I did not know what to do with it. Your post is the best comprehensive post on the web for wooden brushes. I especially like the way that you highlighted the environmental qualities of wood over plastic brushes. Thank you for getting the word out!

Brittany says

This is one of the purchases I enjoy using every day. It is amazing how great wood brush feels. makes my hair nice soft n full

Sharon says

I recently bought a paddle wood brush. And i love the feel in my scalp during brushing. But i just brush few times coz im afraid i will still have hair loss. My question… Is just brushing my hair enough or i still need to head massage? Coz i get so much hairfall during head massaging. Even during finger combing, i still loss some hair. So i dont like to touch my hair too much.

    Minaz says

    Hi Sharon, brushing your hair should be enough. Also if you can, flip your hair upside down and brush it downwards. This will increase circulation on the top of your head.

Usha Vaitha says

Thank you Minaz for sharing, I have just a brought blackstrap molasses for grey hair any advice.

    Minaz says

    Hi Usha, just don’t overdo it. Let me know how it works for you.

Pratibha says

While I do have a little wooden brush that I enjoy using…I do just a few strokes as I have bald patches with thinning hair on an excessively oily scalp ! Brushing a little more or massaging could only stimulate the scalp into producing more oil ! Very tricky situation to be in as I struggle to save whatever little hair I have…and hairfall due to extreme stress.

    Minaz says

    Hello Pratibha, I was in a similar situation as you. But over time the bald patches filled up. Of course don’t over brush as it will scratch your scalp and you don’t want that.

    I find walking in nature and practicing yoga and pranayam helps me stay calm and balanced. (B K S Iyengar yoga is a traditional form of yoga that I would highly recommend)

      Akansha says

      How much time did it , take to regrow your bald patches..

      Minaz says

      It’s not been a smooth journey for me. I grew back hair then it fell, then grew back and it fell again. So it happened a few time over 4 years and then finally it’s not falling. It’s also how well you understand your hair and your body and keep it healthy.

Sage says

Wanted to thank you so very much for all the “quotes I’m pondering” that you include in each email. I save all of them to ponder also and to share with friends. I even used 2 of them in my speech at my sis-in-law’s “celebration of life” ceremony when she suddenly and unexpectedly died mid Feb. 2016. You always call us beautiful well, everything about you, Ms. Minaz, is beautiful – from your lovely emails, your heartfelt informative website full of great tips, recipes, products to the unmistakable love you have for mankind. Sorry this post isn’t in direct line with today’s topic of wooden hair brushes (and I certainly do not seek to derail the flow of comments) but I didn’t know where else to put it and since you state you read every comment, I’ll at least know that you saw it. Feel free to remove it from here so it doesn’t derail the topic. Smiles Across The Miles, Sage

    meera says

    But I am glad you spoke your piece as soon as you felt it. Such words from the heart should not wait for process or structure or system… they fly out and fall on hearts that need them so urgently. I am so glad you said what you did… I too read Rumi on Minaz’s pages and feel completely overwhelmed.

    My prayers for your departed sister-in-law. May she be in comfort with the Lord.

    Minaz says

    That’s very heartfelt message, Sage.
    Before writing any post or email, I always ask myself how am I benefiting my readers, how can I make a difference.

    I am glad to hear that my work has touched you so deeply.

    Love and regards, Minaz

Melissa Lundberg says

Hello: I am so happy to hear about these brushes. I know they’re around but I’ve never heard if they were any good or not. I once saw in an ajur veda shop a scalp masager. I am certain it was from India. It was maybe a hundred thin metal threads or so with little balls on the end. The threads were tensioned just right and were bouncy. It had a handle on the top. and it was used manuallly up and down on the head for an amazing massage. I look on line for them but don’t see them. I have seen some cheep Chinese ”copies” but not wowrth much. Maybe you Miss. Minaz would know where to find these and sell these amazing scalp massagers on your site. Thank you for all your great tips.

K says

What if you have curly, dry hair ?? Curly hair by nature is more fragile and shouldn’t be washed everyday and if you brush through the curls, your hair ends up looking ridiculous and brushing can also damage the hair. What would you suggest for this hair type ? Simple massaging the scalp with the brush ?

    Minaz says

    As I have mentioned above use wide tooth comb to remove tangles. You can use brush with extra long pins.

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