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Aloe Vera Hair Mask: Get Fuller and Bouncier Hair

Aloe vera for thick hair growth

What is easier, climbing Mount Everest or growing thicker hair?

It depends on who you ask…

I wouldn’t want to endure the cold icy winds and the intense acclimatization, whereas growing hair at the comfort and safety of home appears more doable.

But how to grow thicker hair??

I was at my hairdresser’s place. And there comes a woman with really thick, dense, beautiful hair. Hair that you don’t see very often. And I was wowed!

I couldn’t resist, so I asked her the questions. What do you do for your hair? What’s the secret or is it genetics. You lucky gal with locks to die for and malfunction at my end. How come?

To my relief, her thick hair is not just the work of good genes. It’s also hard work of two amazing and powerful herbs: aloe vera and black seeds.

We have seen how to make black seed oil and black seed mask, and I have also talked about aloe vera for hair growth. But this time I will share with you how the lady with big, beautiful hair uses aloe vera for hair growth.

Before we see how to use aloe vera, let’s dig deeper on aloe’s hair benefits.

How does Aloe Vera Grow Hair?

Aloe vera leaf

Aloe contains over 75 active constituents, including antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids and essential vitamins. All these nutrients work as a team to nourish hair roots and enhance hair growth.

Aloe also makes each strand thicker and shiner.

The amino acids in aloe penetrate inside the hair and pump up the hair to make them appear thicker and fuller. What about shine? That’s the job of enzymes in the aloe, which helps clear out the dead skin cells and build up from the hair, so your hair bounces and shines happily.

The other issue that aloe tackles are hair loss due to dandruff, eczema and psoriasis.

All thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Aloe brings relief from scalp conditions and provides a strong foundation for the hair to grow and thrive.

What’s more, aloe vera is recommended for hair loss and baldness by Ayurveda and De Materia Medica. Besides, women and men from the tropics have been using aloe for hundreds of years to enhance the look of hair.  You see, not only aloe has the necessary nutrients to promote hair growth, it also has the support of ancient books and people. Now let’s see the using of aloe.

How to Make Aloe Vera Hair Mask


Don’t worry, the list of ingredients for making the aloe vera mask is quite short. You just need three things. One of them is, of course, aloe vera gel, and the other two are olive oil and lavender essential oil. 

You will need:

2 tablespoons Aloe vera gel/juice

1 tablespoon Olive oil

5 drop Lavender essential oil

Place aloe vera juice, olive oil and lavender essential oil in a bowl and mix well. You are ready to go. 

How to Use:

Apply the aloe vera mixture on your scalp and hair.  Massage with your fingers so that the gel penetrates deeper into the scalp. Let it sit for 30-60 minutes and wash out with water. Or if your hair was greasy before applying then use a natural shampoo to wash hair.

I recently applied aloe vera on my hair, and the results are fantastic. My hair definitely looked thicker, shinier and healthier. Whoever said natural hair care is complicated must try aloe vera and also read hair buddha 🙂

Aloe is a miracle tonic. But my love for this desert herb is not new. I use to use it quite regularly once upon a time until other herbs caught my fancy.  Now I am not going to overlook aloe vera for at least a few months. For sure, I am impressed again!

How often to use: you can apply aloe vera mask before every wash, so if you wash hair twice a week then twice a week it is. 

Make Aloe Vera Gel at Home


If you have aloe vera plant, then it’s best to make your own aloe vera gel. Cut one outer leaf from the aloe plant. Let the leaf rest for a few minutes – this will drain out the yellow sap. Wash well. Next, you slice off the prickly sides with a knife. Then peel the skin from the flat side of the leaf and scoop the gel out using a spoon. 

Blend the fresh aloe gel in a blender and use it for the mask. Also, you don’t need an entire leaf for the mask. Use 4-5 inches piece and store the remaining leaf for next use. 

Before making aloe vera gel at home, make sure you have the right aloe vera plant. There are hundreds of aloe vera species and the right one for good health and hair is Aloe barbadensis miller. 

Buying Aloe Vera Gel/Juice

You will find it in most health food stores, or many supermarkets stock aloe vera gel these days, or you can easily buy it from amazon online. When buying, make sure that it contains mostly aloe vera juice. 

That’s it on aloe vera gals and guys. Hope aloe vera helps you grow hair of your dreams. 

I would like to hear from you… Do you use aloe vera on your hair?  What benefits have you seen? Let me know in the comment box below…

Aloe vera for thick hair growth

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