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How to Use Rice Water For Gorgeous Hair And Flawless Skin

Rice Water for gorgeous hair and flawless skin

Rice Water For Gorgeous Hair And Flawless Skin


In some parts of the world ‘to eat’ means ‘to eat rice’. One of the most important grain, rice is a staple food for almost half of the world’s population, supplying as much as half of the daily calories.

But, rice is also an important beautifying ingredient. For centuries, Asian women have used rice water to beautify their face, body and hair. Traditionally, female rice farmers in China, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries used to bathe and wash in the water used for cleaning rice.

The Yao ethnic women from the village of Huangluo in China is a testament to this tradition. With their average hair length of about 6 feet, these women made it to the Guinness Book of World Records as the “world’s longest hair village”. Plus these women do not have grey hair till the late 80s. The Yao women believe that the fermented rice water, which they use to cleanse their hair, is what helps to keeps their hair long, dark and clean. Rice water enables these women to de-tangle and manage their long hair, which they wrap around their heads in an elaborate high bun that is often described with names such as ‘gazing god’s bun’ or the ‘cloud bun’.

Yao Women Wash Hair with Rice Water

Portrait of Yao Woman on the backdrop of rice terraces

Rice Water For Hair & Skin: Evidence & Benefits

Rice water has amazing hair and skin benefits. And they are proven by modern science. A study published in Journal of Cosmetic Chemists found that rice water applied to hair can reduce surface friction and improve hair elasticity. What this means for your hair is rice water application will make combing and detangling easier as well as decrease hair breakage — especially useful if you have long or curly hair.

Another amazing thing about rice water is that it has inositol, a carbohydrate, which can repair damaged hair. Specialized imaging technique shows that inositol stays inside the hair even after rinsing, offering continuing hair protection.

So, rinsing or washing your hair with rice water will improve manageability and prevent any future damage. Besides, the amino acids in the rice water strengthen the hair roots, add volume and lustre and make hair silky smooth. These awesome benefits explain the 6 feet healthy, long and beautiful hair of the Yao women.

Not limited to hair, rice water also has many skin benefits. Due to its cooling and soothing effects on skin, rice water is often prescribed by ayurvedic practitioners as an effective ointment to cool off the inflamed skin.

Rice water also has moisturising, antioxidant, and healing properties. All these help to improve circulation, prevent or fade age-related spots, and ease inflammation to give you soft, smooth and radiant skin.

As long as it’s left on the skin, rice water is even believed to offer mild protection from the sun.

How to Make Rice Water: Plain & Fermented 

How to make rice water

To enjoy these wonderful beauty benefits of rice water, all you have to do is just collect the water that you use to rinse your rice.

To make rice water, you will need:


To make rice water, first rinse the rice with about a cup of water to remove any dirt or impurities.

Then, place the rice in a bowl and cover with water. Let the rice soak for 15 to 30 minutes. Swirl it around or lightly knead it until the water turns cloudy. This will help the vitamins and minerals seep into the water, creating a nourishing rinse for your hair and skin.

Now strain out the rice water into a clean bowl. Your rice water is ready to use. This is a quick method to make rice water.

You can use this water for your hair or face, or let it ferment for enhanced benefit.

Making Fermented Rice Water

Once you have collected your rice water, leave it at room temperature for a day or until it turns slightly sour, implying that it has started to ferment. It can take any where from 24 to 48 hours, depending on how warm it is. So warmer the room temperature faster the fermentation process.

To decrease the fermentation time, leave the rice sitting in the water and strain once it has fermented. (Leave it covered for 12 to 24 hours.)

To boil or not to boil: The recommended use is to boil the fermented rice water, but some people don’t. Everyone’s hair is different, try out both methods to see what works for you.

Note: Fermented rice water is very potent, so you may need to dilute it with a cup or two of warm water before use. Adjust according to your hair’s needs, use more for dry hair and less for oily hair.

Making Rice Water Using Boiling Method

You can also boil the rice to extract rice water. For this, boil the rice using more water than you would normally do. Once it starts boiling take out the excess water and use; or you can also let the rice fully cook, strain, and use that excess water. This rice water will be very concentrated, so make sure to dilute it with plain water until it is just slightly cloudy.

Storage: You can store the rice water in the fridge and it will stay good for up to a week. Shake well before use.

Why Use Fermented Rice Water?

The effects of rice water are further enhanced if you ferment it. Fermented rice water is rice water that is left to ferment and has gone slightly sour. It is rich in antioxidants, minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E, and traces of pitera, a substance produced during the fermentation process. ‘Pitera’ has grown in popularity recently, and is touted as the anti-aging elixir due to its ability to promote cell regeneration, and help skin stay young and beautiful.

You can use fermented rice water as a face cleanser, skin toner and to condition hair. The nutrients in the fermented rice water are believed to shrink pores, reduce fine lines, and tighten and brighten your skin – this is a perfect recipe to look radiant and youthful.

Washing or rinsing your hair with fermented rice water may be better than rinsing with unfermented or plain rice water. Fermentation lowers the pH of the liquid, and this is similar to our hair’s pH, which is also on the lower side (slightly acidic). So, this slightly acidic pH plus the added nutrients from the fermentation process help restore hair’s pH balance, nourish hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth and improve the overall condition of hair.

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How To Use Rice Water For Gorgeous Hair and Skin

Fermented Rice Water Hair Rinse

  • Use rice water as a hair rinse: you can use fermented or plain rice water for this.
  • Rinsing your hair with rice water repairs and strengthens damaged hair shaft while providing elasticity, shine and smoothness.
  • For skin, rice water can be used as a regular toner; it helps in reducing the size of the pores on your skin.
  • You can also use it as a part of a moisturising face mask to fade age spot and relieve acne.
  • For smooth and baby soft skin, grind the leftover rice and use as a body scrub.

Fermented Rice Water Hair Rinse

Due to its low pH and tons of nutrients, fermented rice water makes an excellent conditioner. It brings shine to your hair and helps to keep it strong and healthy.

You will need:

  • 1 cup fermented rice water
  • 1 cup plain water
  • 5 drops of rosemary or lavender essential oil (optional)

Place all the ingredients in a mug or squeeze bottle and shake well.

How to use: After shampooing, pour the rice water on your hair. Gently massage your scalp and hair and leave it on for 4 to 5 minutes (or for 20 minutes if you have time). Then rinse your hair thoroughly with water. Use it once a week as a last rinse.

My experience: I have tried using both — plain and fermented —rice water as the final rinse and found that latter gives better results for my hair. After 3 – 4 weeks of using fermented rice water, my hair felt softer, stronger, and more manageable. Also, I noticed that I shed less hair than I normally do – rice water really works.

Note: But for my face both plain and fermented rice water work equally well.

Rice Water Shampoo

Rice water contains natural saponins, so it can also be used as a mild hair cleanser. It’s also a very soothing shampoo for people with sensitive and irritated skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

You will need:

Combine the ingredients in a mug or bottle.

How to use:

Wet your hair. Pour the rice water shampoo slowly. You can use a squeeze bottle for easy pouring. Massage gently on your scalp and hair and rinse thoroughly.

You can store the remaining shampoo in the refrigerator for up to a week.

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How to Use Rice Water for Flawless Skin How to use rice water for skin

Rice Water as a Facial Cleanser or Toner

This is one of the cheapest ways to pamper your skin.

Using rice water to cleanse your face is as simple as dabbing a bit onto your face and gently massaging it into your skin for a couple of minutes. You can leave it on or wash with cool water, see what feels better for your skin. With regular use, you will notice your skin feeling soft, smooth, and glowing.

You can also use rice water as a toner. Use like any other toner – apply to face after cleansing to minimize the appearance of pores and tighten skin.

Rice Water for Age Spots 

Rice water contains tons of vitamin E and ferulic acid – a very effective antioxidant.  Studies are showing ferulic acid can prevent skin aging and reduce age spots.

Many users report a notable difference in the appearance of their skin within a few weeks time. It lightens dark spots and gives a radiant complexion.

To use, mix 1/2 teaspoon of rice water with 2 drops of almond oil and massage into your face and neck and leave it on.

You can also use rice water as part of your homemade face mask, my favourites are besan and tomato & almond mask.

Rice Water to relieve Acne

Rice water has amazing soothing and astringents properties which help heal acne and calm the redness.

Plus the tons of antioxidants in rice water work to fade the acne scars.

You can use rice water as a cleanser or toner or even a spot treatment. Add a drop of tea tree oil or lavender oil for extra effectiveness.

Rice Water to soothe Eczema and Skin Irritation

You can also use rice water to calm eczema, skin irritations and rashes.

A study conducted at Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium found that taking rice water bath – twice a day for 15 minutes – could improve the healing of damaged skin of atopic dermatitis patients.

To use, mix a cup of plain rice water with a teaspoon of borage seed oil. Dip a cotton cloth in water and pat all over the affected skin. You can leave it on or wash out after 15-20 minutes.

Rice Water Bath Soak

Treat your skin to a fabulous DIY spa with rice bath and lavender soak. Take a small muslin bag and fill the bag with 1/2 cup rice and 2 tsp lavender flowers. Place the muslin bag into the water. Soak in the tub and relax fully.

Also, instead of lavender flowers try other skin beautifying ingredients such as orange peel, lemon peel, green tea, tulsi leaves (holy basil), neem leaves, and calendula petals.

DIY Ground Rice Body scrub

Do not throw away the left over rice, simply grind it to make a nourishing body scrub. You can also add other ingredients to this scrub based on your skin’s need.

For soft, smooth, and blemish free skin, add couple of teaspoons of olive or coconut oil, 1 tablespoon orange peel powder and/or few drop of essential oils (lavender, chamomile, myrtle) to the ground rice and combine thoroughly. Use this once a week or once every 15 days.

Will Rice Water Work for Everyone?

The simple answer is ‘No’. It won’t work for everyone, even if it’s ‘natural’. You would have noticed your favorite shampoo may work in one city and may be a disaster in another.  It’s the same you, your body hasn’t changed, but maybe the water has, or the humidity has, or your diet has, and these factors play a role in what works and what doesn’t.

Give rice water a try 2-3 times and see if it’s for you. If it’s not, there’s nothing to be disappointed as there are hundreds of natural hair remedies on And with the trial and error, you will surely find the miracle remedy that you have been looking for to achieve hair nirvana.

Which Rice To Buy?

You can choose from:

Every type of rice has its own benefits to your hair and skin. Plus, the way rice water is obtained – rinsing, boiling, fermenting – will also change the nutrient content and pH of this water. So experiment freely and see what works best for your hair and skin.

Did you know: rice water obtained from boiling method is very effective in acute diarrhea. It is said to be more effective than an electrolyte solution in reducing the number of bowel movements.

Enjoy your beautiful, hydrated, radiant hair and skin.

Have you ever used rice water on your hair or skin? We would love to hear your experience ...

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  • eno ayoola says:

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  • lakshmi lechu says:

    I love this, first time hearing the benefits of rice water, i have lots of skin and hair problems eagerly waiting to try this, but i have a doubt is shampooing compulsory to use rice water or is it enough dat we simply pour rice water into the scalp and rinse???

    • Thanks Lakshmi. You don’t have to shampoo, just use rice water as a hair wash. Let us know how it goes.

    • lakshmi lechu says:

      Mam, i was using the water dat is produced after boiling rice i used it as a hair nd skin wash ,,but was futile… i tried it almost one month no chnages in my skin d hair….

    • Just use plain or fermented water as described in the post. And add 1 tsp shikakai and 1 tsp amla powder to it.

    • lakshmi lechu says:

      are they compulsary mam, shikkai and amla powder?

    • No they are not.

  • jess says:

    I did this for 3 days for my face and my pores are smaller skin more smooth with more even clear skin tone I’m going to try on my hair next

    • That’s awesome! thanks for sharing, Jess.
      And do let us know your experience on hair.

  • Testingout says:

    Is the fermented rice leave the hair smelling? I have not try it yet so I am not sure, just want to see if you can let me know. Since the water leaving out for at least 24-48 may have smell to it. Thank you so much… I tried the 1st time rice water as a toner just now… thanks for the tip…

  • checkitout says:

    hi does it have bad effect if I use INORGANIC rice instead of jasmine or any organic rice?

  • checkitout says:

    what will happen to my face if i use INORGANIC rice instead of organic one? does it have less effect if use Inorganic??

    • If you can eat it than you can use it on your face/hair. Just rinse it once to get rid of the impurities.

    • JENICE says:

      Please use organic rice!! You don’t want nasty fertilisers and pesticides on your face/hair!!

  • jenny says:

    hi, I read an article similar to yours but it said that you have to boil the water after it is fermented in order to stop the fermenting process. I dont know if this step is important or should I skip it?

    • Hi Jenny,

      I am so glad you brought this up. I was meaning to try it for long. I have put it on my list. If you are up for experimenting and try both ways do share your results with us. Thanks!

    • Heather says:

      Why would you want to stop the fermentation? Is there a benefit to that? I assumed it was the bacteria that made fermented rice water better and you would be killing them by boiling.

  • Daniela says:

    Hi !, i just found your site and i love it !! = )
    I wonder if i can freeze on ice -cube tray ? = ) Thanks for all the tips !, i have curly hair and i love all natural recepies ! = )

  • Kai says:

    Hi! :)Thank you for the tips as adding lemon juice in rice water, I tried it for 3 weeks and my hair was so greasy and I lost a lot of hair so I stopped using it and I applied an egg conditioner to absorb all the rice amidon built up on my hair and my hair was so soft, and very moisturized after I rinsed and dried my hair. But I have not seen a “straightening effect”, my hair is straight but not straighter as the asians one, my hair got wavies with the rice water :/

  • shawn machimura says:

    HI there! so I’ve read other posts about Rice Water but one thing made me really search deeper. Some sites said that the rice water would be more effective if the rice is boiled with more water rather than rice being merely stirred. What do you think ?

    • Hello Shawn, Everyone’s hair is different, so what might work for me may not work for you. I would say try all the methods and see what works best for your. With only a couple of treatments you should be able to determine if it’s for you or not. If it feels okay with one treatment then give it a second try. If it feels bad, I would bother trying it second time.

  • mady34 says:

    I have just used the rice water on my face and it looks much better and clearer already. Also very smooth. I love it, have also just used as a hair rinse and so far so good. I have some fermenting now. Very excited about this.

    • Alexia M says:

      I’ve only used the plain method and it works very well, I’ll try the fermenting one (:

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  • Edith Thurman says:

    So I take it regular white rice wouldn’t work so great, seeing it has no nutritional use what so ever. Or am I wrong??? Ive been eating basmati brown rice organic, and I did notice when I rinsed it there was no starch at all, just a tiny bit of color! I have never been able to wash rice that quick in my life. So would the white rice work? I’m wondering, because I have some and regular brown rice thats been in my cabinet forever and will not use, unless I can use it for this!

    • Hello Edith, White rice is not devoid of nutrition. It just has lesser nutrition compared to brown rice.

      And you are right is saying that when you wash white rice you have more starch come out.

      I would suggest soaking brown rice for longer, and hopefully that should work.

      Let me know how it goes.

  • sana says:

    Can we drink fermented rice water?

    • Sana, Yes you can drink fermented rice water. It’s called Rejuvelac.

      To make this, first sprout the brown rice. Then soak the sprouted rice in water for about one or two days. Strain and drink this.
      You can also use other grains such as: wheat, quinoa, barley, and millet.

  • Nena says:

    I have used Asian beauty products with rice water in it and they have been wonderful, but it has been mainly for the skin. I would love to try a DIY rice water treatment on my hair to see how that turns out. Thank you for this post!

    • Hi Nena, I too love using rice water for my skin.
      Let us know your experience on hair.

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  • Eliza Fajardo says:

    love this! I showed this to my 66 yr old mother in law, she is raving about how it has helped with her mature dry/damaged skin. I am 26 and have noticed all postive effects!!

  • ishy says:

    Can I use conditioner post the rice water hair rinse? Or would that fail the whole purpose?

  • zainab says:

    Mam ! plz tell that with use of water rice how much length hair increase in a month?

  • Sarah Crowe says:

    Why can’t you use orange peel instead of orange peel powder?

  • lemcee says:

    I was wondering, can I use the cooked ground up rice as a facial mask or would that be too much for my skin? I have combo skin.

  • vivi says:

    I have tried a soap with natural rice and milk ingredients since last month. And now I rarely get pimples and red skin, though honestly I have sensitive skin. Then I found out about rice water for hair and skin treatment too.
    I had a little bit pimples, dandruff, and itchy scalp. But, after I use rice water before bathing for my hair and body, all this problem had gone. I love my skin and hair my hair and skin are felt and looked smooth and shiny.
    It is really really good for sensitive skin.. ^_^

    • Pursham Amarjit Singh Sidhu says:

      I am having acne n it is very itchy… Does rice water can help me to get rid of this problem.

    • Helen says:

      Thank you for your contribution, me too have a very sensitive skin was not sure if this was good for me but will definitely give it a try since you recommending it.

  • jenny says:

    Hello. I recently found your blog and can’t wait to try your rinses. The only thing that doesn’t sound good to me is boiling the water to “stop” the fermentation process. Everybody who has fermented food (kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, kombucha) knows that if you want to halt the fermentation you just put it in the fridge. If you boil it you kill all the beneficial bacteria so you just “pasteurise” it and lose all the goodness. Anyway, I swim 5 days a week and my hair is super dry even though I rinse with water after every swim. So I can’t wait to try this rice rinse, hope it helps with the dryness! : /

    • Hello Jenny, what you said is right, boiling will kill the beneficial bacteria.

      But the original Chinese recipe specifies that you must boil the rice water after fermenting. May be the live bacteria are not good for the scalp? Try experimenting both ways.

      Also, here are more options to moisturise your dry hair.

    • freedomdove says:

      I’m wondering if the reason they boiled it to stop fermentation was because there was no refrigeration back when this first started being done. I, too, cringed when I read the instructions to boil the fermented water. I think I would just put it straight in the refrigerator because that’s what you do to all ferments to stop the action. It doesn’t kill the organisms; it just slows them way down.

    • Anonymous says:

      So I should keep it in the refrigerator for how long?

    • freedomdove says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t know. I haven’t done this process. You can usually keep fermented foods in the fridge for quite some time–sometimes up to a month. You would just want to discard it if there’s anything “growing” in it or if it smells off.

    • Gmo Roberts says:

      Merry Christmas freedomdove I hope you have a good one!

  • anchal choudhary says:

    pls tell me can i wash my face with plain water after using rice water as serum,toner,face pack etc,coz no where is written what to do after applying it.and if yes than after how many minutes.pls pls reply

    • I have tried leaving it on and it gives a good effect.
      But you can also rinse off, let it sit from 2 to 10 minutes, then wash off.

  • ruksana cheruvath says:

    i use to cook the rice with salt . so is this salty rice water harm to hair?? pls rply

  • Kerri shrewsberry says:

    My husband always said his Dr. Had rice water for poison oak. My son had it really bad, prescription the Dr. Have seemed to make it spread and worse. I made rice water, used cotton ball to apply……cleared up in two days! I’m a firm believer in rice water.

  • Amrutha says:

    Mam,can we wash the hair regularly with rice water??

  • Natural MiMi says:

    I’m a natural hair women, and I would love to try this help my hair to grow since braking off. Can I shampoo then use the rinse? And can I detangle my hair with this and then use conditioner after?

    • Yes you can try it that way. But detangle your hair after conditioning.

    • Natural MiMi says:

      Ok thanks

  • Miya Elaine Canayon says:

    I wash my face first then after that I leave the rice water in my face. I didn’t rinse it. Is that okay ? And between what’s the big difference of fermented and plain rice water.

    • Yes, I too leave rice water on my face and love the effect. Fermented rice water contains more nutrients. But see what your hair/skin likes, as some people prefer non-fermented water.

  • Maggie says:

    If you rinse your hair with the rice water without diluting it does it dry your hair? I used it on my daughter and it stripped her hair, it looks dry now before it was shiny.

    • Oh that’s not very nice. Is your water hard? See my instruction (rice water for hair) about using a clarifying agent along with rice water.

  • Nazneen says:

    I started doing this a few months ago and my hair loves it!

  • Lisa says:

    I have used the fermented rice water and I boil it. Its really good for scalp irritation and itchy dry scalp. And I have noticed less breakage.

    • Nurul says:

      Hi Lisa, can you tell me in details how you did it cuz my scalp gets irritated easily & also itchy

  • Nazneen says:

    I started doing this a few months ago and my hair loves it!

  • Lovely Nones says:

    what works best for hair? fermented or the plain one? reply pls

  • Elisa says:

    Tried freezing my leftover rice water, but once it´s thawed it´s all flaky 🙁 Am i doing something wrong or does rice water just not freeze well?

  • Mengkim says:

    Does rice water good for oily

  • stella says:

    Nice one…do I need to dry the left over rice before grinding for body scrub or do that while wet and equally stored wet?…Pls reply

  • ElenaElla says:

    Hello.First-sorry if my english is not good;I am not a native english speaker.Second-I am glad that I found your blog.Third-my hair is natural blonde;I would like to know if I can use rice water for my hair.Please respond if you see my comment.

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  • Crystal says:

    Hi what if you spray your hair with it daily ?

  • rowena berdin says:

    hi i want to ask if this rice water can help to grow hair cause iam lossing hair…thanks and pls reply

    • Yes it does, and eating rice is also good for hair. I have written about it here.

    • rowena berdin says:

      thanks and one more can it prevent it for loosing hair

  • Krati Oberoi says:

    hi i want to ask if this rice water can help to grow hair cause i am lossing hair and in how many days I can get long hair…….. thanks and pls reply

  • Maha says:

    Hi, I am new to this group. I find this site very informative. Does anyone have a treatment for alopecia?

  • siddarth says:

    Hi ,I’m new in this group
    My name is sid
    I have one querrie
    Use a warm rice water on hair or wait for sometimes and use cool or normal rice water on hair

  • Selloane Maboea says:

    Hi, I am curious, how long exactly would it take to actually see a difference?

  • Vivienne Adhyambo says:

    Hi, just came across your site and its helpful, If I want to use it as a cleanser or toner will it ferment further if I store it?

  • Rose says:

    Hi, I was just wondering if you can tell me what type of rice do you yourself use?

    • Hi Rose, I use white rice.

    • Rose says:

      Thank you Minaz. I love your website and the information and tips you share! One thing I have found that has greatly improved the condition of my fine hair, is Silica. I take a Silica powder supplement (daily) that also contains vit C and MSM. Also, I drink oatstraw tea once a day, as it is high in the vegetable form of calcium and silica! Drunk at night, oatstraw tea can help you relax and sleep!

    • Thanks for sharing Rose 🙂

  • Ekta Chabbar says:

    I have used this and I like it. it works! ? Thanks . . It really softens my hair.

  • Petal James says:

    Hi how long does the rice water treatment take to strengthen your hair. Can it be used on different textures of hair ?

  • Omggg says:

    i’ve boiled the rice, got some rice water slime thing, applied it to my face , let it dry & scrubed it of. Afther thar i’ve got the most wonderful skin i ever had, like baby cheeks. literally . Do it it’s better than EVERYTHING i have ever heard of !!!!!!

  • Crystal says:

    This is my 1st week trying rice water for both my face and hair and I am amazed by the instant results. My skin feels tightened and soft and my is silky and shiny. I love my hair results because I have curly hair that is thinning out and breaking but with the rice water, it seems and feels healthier. Thankyou

    • Wow! that is amazing. Did you use fermented or plain rice water?

    • Crystal says:

      I used plain rice water for my face but fermented rice water for my hair. They both worked great!

    • Great! thanks for your reply.

  • I am so happy to hear that. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Ana Marie says:

    When you should add the natural clarifies to the rice water? I added apple juice then i was going to let it ferment with the rice water for 2-3 days. I’m worried that the this will make it really acidic by the time i use it.

  • Laurna Hemans-Samuels says:

    Hi. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and I’ve got some rice water in my fridge that had been there for a couple of weeks? It still looks and smells fine. Would it still be okay to use. I feel it would be wasteful to disguard it.

    • Hi Laurna. If you have slightest doubt, discard it.
      It feels wasteful, but you don’t want to use a rinse that has gone bad.

  • Rup says:

    Hi. I have been using fermented rice water after shampooing my hair for the last 3 months. I leave it on for about 5 to 10 minutes.. However, for the past 1 month I have been experiencing quite a lot of hair shedding. There has been no change in my diet. I take a B complex and Cod liver oil. My blood tests (thyroid, cbc) were normal. Could rice water be causing it? Any one else experienced something similar?

    • Not sure if rice water is causing it.
      Try ayurvedic hair mask from the blog.

  • Ana Marie says:

    So i started fermenting rice on Tuesday and I’m planing on blending a grapefruit or orange peel until it is a powder and then using 2 tsp in 2 cups of rice water. If i use this mixture to wash my hair every three days could it be damaging?

  • Ana Marie says:

    So allowed my rice water to ferment for three days and then I put 2 tsp of grapefruit peels in 2 cups of rice water and boiled it. It feels nice when i put it on my hair but when i washed it out it looked like there was a lot more buildup than before.

  • Ana Marie says:

    So i added grapefruit peel to my rice water to make shampoo but it ended up just making my hair look worse. :(. Do you have any suggestions?


    Hi, thanks for this article, it was really helpful and informative. I once tried the rice water rinse because alot of people were talking about it but i was confused about the best way to prepare it and apply it . i didn’t really know its benefits then but i realized that my hair looked better and it retained more moisture and length. Now that i know its true benefits I’m going to do again, and recommend to friends as well.

  • Rosemary Butcher says:

    I’m 66 and of course my hair is very grey. I don’t use paraben/sulphate shampoos so nothing I use is harmful. I have used fermented rice water but not sure if it’s beneficial. Are there other women out there who can advise. I’m Australian and don’t have curley hair. Thanks Rosemary

    • d says:

      Look up ayurvedic remedies for grey hair. Amla is known to combat this issue. There are many ways in which this ingredient can be used. Look at tutorials on YouTube and do your own exploring on google til you see something that appeals to you.

  • Lindsay says:

    The majority of rice contains arsenic. If someone uses rice water on their skin everyday and washes their hair in it once or twice a week are they at risk of arsenic contamination?

    • Minaz says:

      Millions of people eat rice every day and they are very much alive and thriving. Your claims need to be backed up by a valid source.

  • dorai says:

    Inspiring article about rice water. Can it cure my chronic gas trouble? Is there any other remedy?

    • Minaz says:

      Gas trouble is caused due to indigestion issue. Eat homemade, clean foods. And when eating just eat – don’t surf internet, watch television or talk to people. Also regular walks and exercise helps.

  • Daly In says:

    I wilL try

  • Colina Dong says:

    What will happen if we don’t follow all the directions? Will it at least still work?

  • hirney says:

    Hi. i dont have organic rice so should i rinse my rice twice?

  • Cherry says:

    I had fermented the rice eater, it starts to smell sour and there’s white chunk at the bottom of the cup and I’m worried for my health right now. Is this a bacteria even safe near me?

  • adriana says:

    Hi! Let me know if rice flour could be good for the proupose. Thank you in advance!

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Adriana, You can use rice flour as a body scrub or in a face pack.
      I would use whole rice to make rice water.

  • Sherri Lynn says:

    Hi….I have very itchy, dry skin with many age spots on it….especially on my legs and arms. I also have very thin hair and have just started using rice water to help strengthen and thicken it. I have read that rice water lightens age spots and also helps to improve the skin. What I am wondering are the following: 1) Seeing that rice water helps to grow more hair on the scalp, does it do that on the body?? Obviously, this is something that I do NOT want!! 2) If I apply it to my body, will it lighten ALL my skin…or somehow just the age spots?? My goal would be to eliminate the age spots ONLY. I have too many to apply to each individually. I eat health food with a balanced diet including plenty of fruit…and also am trying to lose a stone within the next 3-4 weeks WITHOUT PUTTING THEM BACK ON AGAIN AFTERWARDS!! Do you know what is guaranteed to work?? All answers will be much appreciated!!

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Sherri,
      The answer to your first question is No. It won’t grow hair on your body.
      Mix plain rice water along with almond oil (equal amounts), and use all over your body.
      The few things that really helped me lose weight and keep it off for good are:
      1. I stopped weighing myself.
      2. My focus was healthy living and not trying to lose weight.
      3. I reduce the portion size (not halved it overnight, but reduced gradually).
      4. I eat beans and pluses regularly (i don’t buy tins)
      4. Lastly exercise, but not overdo it as it creates more stress on the body. I do weight training once or twice a week, brisk walking and cardio.
      Best wishes.

  • Kay says:

    Hi, I loved your article. It was very interesting and I am going to give this rice water a go.
    However, i’m am still a little unsure how the rinse works. Do I pour the rice water over hair as a rinse and leave it? or do I rinse with rice water, then rinse it clean with shower water? Does the rice water stay in my hair to dry? or get rinsed out?
    Also same thing for my face… I rinse it off or leave it on to dry?
    Thank you for your work!

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Kay, I am glad you found this useful,
      for hair, rinse it clean with water.
      for face, keep it on.
      Quick Tip: Use rice water with equal amounts of green tea. For hair this works better than rice water alone.

    • Lyna says:

      Is it liquid green tea or a powder form?

    • Minaz says:

      liquid green tea. Although you can try the powder form as well.

  • Shirley Ballenas says:

    I started to use rice water on my face and hair. My mild psoriasis was healed.

  • Timothy says:

    wow! it really works.

  • Sharon says:

    My face tightened and brightened but I noticed white heads on my face when i used it as a toner. Is there an allergic reaction to rice water? Or is that a detox process? Im using it on my face for 5 days now. Do i need to discontinue it?

  • Natalia says:

    Hi there! I’m so excited to try this method out. Currently waiting for my rice water to ferment. My question is after I wash this out, do I just use conditioner and I’ll be ready to go? I heard shampoo strips the minerals out. Also, I heard some add castor oil into the mixture…is that bad?

  • Rebekah says:

    What would happen if you don’t rinse the rice water from your hair?

  • Shontec says:

    liquid green tea, how much do I put in the rice water?

    • Minaz says:

      If your hair is oily, use equal amounts and if dry, use half of rice water.

  • Bharath says:

    Hi Minaz, you have mentioned to ‘Adjust according to your hair’s needs, use more for dry hair and less for oily hair.’what do you mean by this ? should we dilute more for dry hair or dilute more for oily hair?

    • Minaz says:

      Hello Bharath, dilute more for oily hair.

  • divyanshi says:

    Hlo….aftr going thrgh jst gud feebacks i would like to hve ur help for my hair growth …..actually i hve waist length hairs which are very thin , dry nd full of splitends…& i wish fr more lengthy, thick hairs moreovr , da spltends should also get cmplty repaired …….so please can u suggest me smthng

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Divyanshi, have you tried rice water?
      I would also suggest you massage your hair with coconut milk, leave it for a few hours and wash it out.
      Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, the antioxidants in them help to fight the hair damaging free radicals.

    • Nurul says:

      Hi, did the rice water for 2 months now for my hairfall but seeing no result yet. Did it help with sensitive, itchy & eczema scalp too?

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Nurul, rice water won’t work for every one. And same hold true for every natural remedy, however popular it may be, it doesn’t work for every one.

  • Simone says:


    Do you know how long it generally takes to start to seeing increased hair growth after using rice water? I started using it in December and I swear my hair seems to be growing faster. It’s also super soft, which I love.

    I’ve actually left mine in once or twice overnight and rinsed it out the next day. No issues.

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Simone, I have noticed that if I put the right ingredients on my hair I can see a definite change in the look and feel of hair in a weeks time.
      This is my another favorite for hair growth.

  • Sam says:


    1- Can you directly apply the fermented rice water on your skin without diluting it?
    2- After you boil the rice water, should you diluted it?

    Please advice,

    Thank you

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Sam, yes you can.
      And yes, if it’s not too thick to apply.
      Let us know how it goes for you.

    • Lindsay says:

      Which rice

    • Minaz says:

      Any – white or brown.

  • medha bahri says:

    Hi ..i know one of the youtube videos the yao woman..was advising the girl to wash off after 20 mins and pay special attention that it should be washed off completely otherwise its not good..maybe some leftover residue myt form scalp infection.

  • cummie irby says:

    I am so glad i found out about rice water i can not wait to star trying it. Those women have very long BEAUTIFUL HAIR i want my hair to grow it short now soon i gonna have beautiful hair like these beautiful women.

  • Roseline says:

    Hello Minaz, I love your post because of the number of positive feedbacks. I am sorry to say though, that I chickened out after preparing my rice water because I used some of the rice water to wash my face while leaving the rest to ferment for hair use later. But, it left me with a peppery and uncomfortable feeling that scared me so I didn’t use on my hair again. I can’t afford to loose what little hair I have! I wondered though, if it is because the rice I used has stayed in my house for too long. Does rice expire?

  • Suzanne says:

    Wow Wow absolutely amazing….less than a week….drinking 1 glass a day BUT body and face…have spray botttle and as I say WOW!!!!!! Suzannne

  • Sonja says:

    Your recipes are fabulous. Thank you! When using frmntd rice water with green tea, can i leave the rinse in my hair (not wash it out)? My water is very hard, so if i do rinse after the rice water should i use bottled, distilled water? Thank you very much!!

    • Minaz says:

      You could, but it’s not necessary.

    • Zuela says:

      Hey Minaz, can rice water b mixed with coffee powder for hair???

    • Minaz says:


  • jana chowdhury says:

    so if I use rice water as hair rinse I don’t need to shampoo again ?it wont cause any problem right?

  • Sally says:

    Hello Minaz .. ThankYou for your lovely blog .. I have very dry , tangly , curly , dark / grey hair .. I used to make your shikakai , amla , reetha s’poo but found it stained my grey streaks from white to murky so I stopped .. Quite keen to try the rice water , just a couple of Qs .. I’ve stopped eating rice due to the presence of arsenic & wonder what your thought are about this re topical / cosmetic use .. I’ve also recently developed eyelid eczema , do you think rice water could help with that ? .. ThankYou .. Sally

    • Minaz says:

      Hi Sally,
      My husband too had eyelid eczema. He consulted an ayurvedic doctor, who told him to stop eating meat for a few months – as eczema is due to build up of toxins. Plus he also gave him oil called Chalmogra oil. His eczema cleared up in few weeks. He now eats meat once a week and it’s not come back. We also eat cooked beetroot, it helps to cleanse the body.

      With regards to your rice and arsenic question, I eat rice almost everyday, and it’s not caused my family or me any problems. I also feel that if rice was such a big concern, there would be red alert on eating rice, which I have not come across so far.

    • Sally says:

      ThankYou Minaz for your kind reply .. I don’t eat meat , but am in agreement with you about toxins being the cause I contracted a tropical disease 6 years ago which is a neurotoxic condition (& I have a long battle with dental abscess which I really hope will be resolved soon ) .. I will try to track down the oil you mention (I love Ayurveda !) .. Will def give the rice water a go , would be wonderful if it smoothed my very vata hair ; ) .. Thanks again for a great informative blog Minaz ..

  • Kay says:

    How long can the fermented water last if refrigerated in a dark glass bottle? Can it be preserved for more than 48 hours to a week?

    • Minaz says:

      Yes, it will keep for a week.

  • Subhadra says:

    I recently learnt about the wonders of rice water, and now I think, what a waste that my mom always pours down the rice water post boiling down the sink. I used it as fertiliser for my aloe Vera plant and it began growing visciously just after I used it once!

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