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4 Benefits of Lavender Oil for Hair (How to Use and DIY Hair Oil Recipe)

lavender essential oil for hair growth

Lavender is super-duper for scalp health, and that is one way it strengthens your hair. But there’s so much more lavender can offer your hair. Let us talk about lavender and then see its benefits for hair growth.

The word ‘lavender’ sparks many of our senses.

The first is visual. The colour lavender is soothing to the eye. Its smell, sweet, floral and herbaceous is relaxing and pleasing. And the plant itself is very textural, with green-grey leaves and bluish-purple flowers that  grow on the top.

Lavender is a pretty-looking plant. It’s widely grown in gardens and landscapes. But it’s not merely a decorative plant. Lavender is also extensively grown for floral water, lavender buds and lavender oil.

Native to the low mountains of the Mediterranean basin, lavender has a long history of use in cosmetic and herbal medicine.

The name lavender comes from the latin root ‘lavare’ which means ‘to wash’, referring to its use in soaps and bath products for purifying the body. It was also used to disinfect hospitals in ancient Persia, Greece, and Rome.

Besides, lavender has several other benefits. It’s used as a digestive aid, to comfort and sooth cramping stomach. It’s also found to be helpful in insomnia, to get a better night’s sleep. Plus, lavender may also provide relief for skin conditions, such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

But what about the hair benefits of lavender? You will be happy to hear that the fragrant oil of lavender is superb for hair. It balances scalp oils, clears dandruff, soothes irritated scalp and best of all, it has hair-growth stimulating effects.

 How does Lavender Essential Oil Improve Hair Growth

1. Lavender Oil Helps Normalise Oily or Dry Hair

The beauty of lavender oil is that it works for all hair types. It’s a balancing oil. Whether too oily or too dry, lavender will bring it towards normal. And, therefore it’s termed tridoshic in Ayurveda, meaning harmonizing the scalp.

This is beneficial for healthy hair growth. It’s because if your scalp is very oily, it can clog hair follicles and suffocate the new growth. And if the scalp is dry, it can hinder hair growth by sucking out moisture from hair follicles.

2. Lavender Oil Can Remedy Itchy, Flaky Scalp

Lavender oil is useful in scalp conditions such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis and acne. It has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. This means it can prevent unwanted microbes such as fungi and bacteria from growing, thus reducing flaking, itching and even scalp infections.

And when your scalp is healthy, it will produce healthy hair growth. That’s because the hair roots lie within the scalp and derive nourishment from it.

3. Lavender Oil Helps Promote Hair Growth

The use of lavender oil for hair growth has garnered interest recently. A massage with lavender oil may help stimulate new growth, increase thickness and reduce hair loss. 

What’s the evidence?

A 2016 study found that lavender oil applied on bald patches of mice made their hair grow thicker and denser. The hair follicles in the lavender group were also deeper, which is a sign of stronger roots and active growing hair. Of course, the study is done on mice, and that is the drawback.

But there is an older 1998 study of people with alopecia areata. Eighty-six participants were divided into two groups. The results showed that the group that applied a essential oil blend of thyme, rosemary, cedarwood and lavender oil in a mixture of carrier oils had noticeable hair growth compared to the other group that used just the carrier oils. 

Again, this study looks promising, though it’s difficult to say if hair growth was specifically due to lavender oil or combination of other oils.

4. Lavender Oil has a Calming Effect

Are you stressed due to hair fall or whatnot? Lavender’s fresh, floral, herby fragrance can help you relax and calm down— which is good for your well-being and hair too.

So now you know what lavender can do, let see how to use it…

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil for Hair Growth

lavender essential oil for hair growth

Lavender oil is versatile, and there are many ways you can use it on your hair. If you like oil massage, go for the first method, but if you prefer non-greasy application, then opt for second method.

1. Make Lavender Hair Growth Oil

Because the lavender oil is an essential oil, don’t apply neat. Mix it with a base oil like coconut or argan or jojoba. Here’s a blend I like to use:

You will need:

Place all the oils in a bowl and mix well.

Work it into your scalp and hair with your fingers; be sure to cover bald spot and thinning areas. Leave it on for an hour or overnight to take maximum advantage of its healing and stimulating properties. Wash with a store-bought shampoo or use a homemade shampoo.

2. Create a Lavender Hair Serum

If you don’t want your hair to get oily or greasy, use lavender with aloe vera gel. It’s easily absorbed into your hair and give it a sleek and defined look. For your scalp, it nourishes and stimulates follicles for thicker hair growth

You will need:

Combine aloe and lavender and massage into your scalp and hair. Leave it on.

3. Put Lavender oil in your Shampoo

You can also include lavender oil in the homemade shampoos: egg shampoo, besan shampoo or clay shampoo.

Or put it in homemade hair masks:

Miracle Hair Mask for Thickness

Olive Oil and Egg Mask to Stop Hair Loss

Lavender oil is generally safe oil, but here are some precautions

  1. Don’t use lavender oil in its pure form. Always use it with a carrier oil such as coconut or jojoba. (Here’s more info on how to dilute essential oils.)
  2. Lavender is deemed as safe oil. But if you get a rash or itch, stop its use. And as a general rule, always test any new blend on your forearm first.
  3. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please check with your doctor or health care provider before using any essential oil.

Buying Lavender Oil: Which is the Best?

There are many lavender oils available in the market, so it can be a little confusing. The best ones are from France and Bulgaria, and the botanical name is Lavandula angustifolia

Buy your lavender oil here

How do you use lavender oil for hair growth? Please share in the comment box below…

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lavender essential oil for hair growth

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