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Garlic Hair Oil to Propel Hair Growth

Garlic Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Which moves faster: a tennis ball or badminton shuttle?

The correct answer is…. the badminton shuttle. It moves at a lightning speed of 300 km per hour. And it’s not just faster than the tennis ball, but the lowly shuttlecock is the fastest moving object in sport.

To the surprise of many, badminton beats all sports in speed.

Well, get ready for another surprise. If you are looking to beat hair loss, there’s fantastic homemade hair oil. It has a little garlicy smell, but you won’t mind the smell when you see how fast it can reduce hair loss and regrow hair in the bald areas.

And that effective homemade oil is garlic hair oil. Before we delve into garlic hair benefits, let’s take a brief look at garlic in general.

Who doesn’t like the flavour of garlic in a vegetable stir fry or a lentil soup?


But garlic is not just about taste. It’s very medicinal and healing. It is known to combat colds, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and even boost the immune system.

So how does garlic do all this – improve taste and cures illness. Garlic contains high amounts of vitamin C, selenium, copper and manganese. But it’s the ‘smelly sulphur compounds’ that are the spotlight nutrients in garlic. They give garlic its pungency, and they also offer powerful healing benefits.

These unique sulphur compounds are anti-aging and wrinkle delaying. They work by offsetting the damage caused by pollutants and other toxins. Plus they have potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Chronic ongoing inflammation is a big contributing factor to plaque formation and artery-blocking. Eating garlic on a daily basis is shown to improve the health of blood vessels, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.

What about hair?

Well, garlic has therapeutic effects on hair too. So while you eat garlic for healthier body, you can also use it for healthier hair.

Garlic Hair Oil

How Does Garlic Boost Hair Growth

The same sulphur compounds that offer multiple health benefits also make garlic the hair hero.

Our hair is made up of a protein called keratin – which has high sulphur content. So when you apply sulphur packed garlic on your hair, it’s like feeding hair the purest food.  You can visualise your hair doing a happy dance. Sulfur gives hair strength, elasticity as well as increases the length of the hair cycle, which means your hair continues growing for many more years (and does not fall out quickly).

Besides, sulphurous garlic helps to detoxify and purify hair follicles. This allows the new hair to grow without any hindrance. Garlic is also excellent to eliminate scalp dryness and flakes. As well as help with psoriasis, eczema and acne. All thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties.

So yes one garlic and many hair benefits. But you can’t just read about garlic, and grow thick hair. You need to apply it, you know where.

How to Make Garlic Hair Oil

Those of you who like no waiting and quick returns, garlic hair oil is for you. It gets ready in minutes, and you get the result in days.

To make garlic oil, you need garlic for sure and coconut oil. I like using coconut oil because it’s a stable oil, especially when you heat it. Plus coconut oil itself is very nourishing for hair. But feel free to try mustard or sesame oil. Let’s make…

What you will need:

*Garlic: 4 cloves (medium size, about 10 grams)

*Coconut Oil, 1/4 cup (about 50 grams)


1. Garlic oil is pretty simple to make. First, cut the garlic in 2-3 pieces, I do it lengthwise, but you can do it crosswise as well.

2. Next, place the chopped garlic and coconut oil in a small pan. And heat on a low flame. Don’t get tempted to increase the heat or you might burn the garlic.

3. In a couple of minutes, garlic will start to sizzle and give out a nice garlicy aroma. Use a spoon to swirl the garlic around in the oil.

4. Continue heating until the garlic turns light brown, then switch off the flame. It will take 5 minutes or so, depending on how thick the bottom of your pot is.

5. Let the oil cool down, strain and apply.

Take 4 medium size cloves of garlic.
50 gram or 1/4 cup coconut oil
Cut the garlic lengthwise in 2-3 pieces
Place the chopped garlic and coconut oil in a small pot. And heat on a low flame. In a couple of minutes, garlic will start to sizzle and give out a nice garlicy aroma.
Continue heating until the garlic turns light brown, then switch off the flame.
Garlic for Hair Loss
Let the oil cool down and strain.

What about the smell?

I am not going to say cooking garlic in the oil will make the oil smell rosy. It does smell garlicy. But after you apply it, you will hardly notice the smell, maybe you get a whiff now and then — which you can avoid by wrapping your hair with a towel or shower cap.

How to Use

Massage the garlic oil into your scalp and hair and let it soak and work its magic for an hour. Then wash. Either with an SLS-free shampoo. Or with a homemade shampoo, such as egg or mud or shikakai reetha.

After garlic hair oil remedy, the hair fall will reduce drastically, and your hair will appear thicker, softer and shinier. And there’s no trace of garlic smell left.

Mistakes to Avoid: Yes, garlic is amazing for hair, and it’s generally safe to use. But garlic may cause a rash or allergic reaction. So, do a patch test on your forearm before trying any new ingredients.

Where to Buy Oil Ingredients?

Garlic is available in all supermarkets and farmers market. When buying, make sure garlic is firm on pressing and has unbroken skin.

You can buy coconut oil from a health food store or supermarket. Just make sure, it is cold pressed and unrefined.

What about the small pan? Avoid non-stick or aluminium pans to make the oil. Use a steel or iron pan.

Storing garlic oil: The oil will last you 3-4 times. Store the remaining oil in a glass jar and keep it in a cool, dry place.

So far I have used garlic oil twice, and it’s a winner. After using the black seed oil, I thought it was difficult to find another equally effective and potent hair oil to end hair loss and regrow lost hair.

But hey, here’s garlic oil, which you can make quickly and get superb results. There’s no competition between hair oils, but I do think garlic oil can beat other oils in the speed of making and also may be growing hair faster.

Onion Hair Growth Mask: We saw garlic can produce healthy hair because of the sulphur compounds it has. Onion is another excellent remedy with high sulphur content which you can use for hair growth.

Do you use garlic oil for hair growth? How has it helped you? Please share in the comment box below…

Garlic oil for hair loss

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