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Banana Hair Smoothie (Mask): for Strong, Shiny and Fuller Hair

Did you know Bananas are great for hair growth? They help improves the strength, shine and softness of hair.

Of course, you can eat bananas, but you can also douse your hair with bananas with this easy-to-make Banana Hair Smoothie Mask.

Banana Hair Mask for Thicker Hair Growth

Banana has a reputation of being the common man’s fruit. In India, I remember, when other fruits such as apples, oranges and mangoes were out of reach of many, bananas provided the energy, sweetness and satiety.

Nutrition-wise, banana is no ordinary.

Health Benefits of Banana

Banana is packed with natural sugars and fiber to give you a quick recharge, but without the crazy side effects of candy or cola. Bananas also contain calming and relaxing nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B6 and tryptophan. So it will pull you out of the frustration of losing hair and fill you with enthusiasm to make your own natural shampoo or hair mask.  

Bananas can help if you are looking and feeling bloated. The fibre and pectin in the fruit encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria, which, in turn, improves digestion and gut health. What are its side effects? Well, they are good – more energy, a slimmer figure and glowing hair and skin.  

I have said more on how wonderful bananas are for our health here, but now it’s time to talk about banana hair mask – which I call banana hair smoothie as it looks like one, and you may be tempted to drink it. But save it for your hair for its hair-boosting properties.

Banana Hair Smoothie Benefits

Bananas smoothie smells amazing and leaves hair feeling shiny, soft and nourished.

And how does it do this?

Well, banana is the powerhouse of moisture. You can get moisture by splashing water on hair, but as the water evaporates the moisture goes away from hair. However, the moisture from banana stays. Let’s see why and how and more benefits of banana for hair….

Banana is Incredibly Moisturising for Hair

That’s because banana has amazing vitamins like pantothenic acid or vitamin B5. And this vitamin acts as a humectant – whose role is to attract moisture and deliver it into the deepest layer of the hair strand. Well-hydrated, the hair looks plump, shiny and in great condition.

Banana Improves Strengthen and Thickness of Hair

There’s a high content of silica in bananas. Silica helps to strengthen and thicken hair by interacting with keratin, the protein which is a building block of healthy hair. Silica also improves shine and elasticity. When you put bananas on your hair, you are soaking it with pure nutrients and saying goodbye to dull, damaged hair.

Banana Tames Frizz and Fly-away Hair

Those of you with dry, frizzy, fly-away hair can benefit a great deal from banana. The moisturizing power of bananas helps replenish dry, damaged hair, making it soft, shiny and smooth tresses.

Banana is Fantastic for Hair Growth

Bananas are loaded with antioxidants in the form of carotenoids, flavonoids and other phytochemicals. These antioxidants help get rid of free-radicals that accumulate in our bodies as part of regular metabolism. If free radicals become greater than the body’s ability to get rid of them, it can cause a number of diseases, and it can also cause wrinkles, age spots and hair thinning.

What’s the solution?? Bananas. But not just bananas, eating a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs help neutralise free radicals. Also, applying them helps.

You would not want to apply cauliflower or mango on your hair, but you can apply a banana.

Bananas are fantastic for hair growth, reducing hair loss and making hair smooth and shiny.

The banana hair mask is also endorsed by a famous actress – with thick, dense hair. I was listening to her interview where she mentioned that her favourite hair mask is not some store-bought mask, but a simple homemade Banana Hair Mask.

Okay, enough praising banana, let’s get to making and applying…

How to Make Banana Hair Smoothie Mask

Choose a ripe banana, as it’s easier to puree and easier to apply. You will also need honey for its conditioning properties. Honey also contains scalp-healing properties, so if you have flakes or dryness, it will bring relief to it. Another ingredient for the smoothie is yogurt. Use plain, full-fat and unsweetened ones. Yogurt will add bounce and volume to your hair.

Who can use this smoothie? Everyone. Whether you have dry hair or oily hair, fine hair or coarse hair, banana smoothie will work for you. It’s a great combination of moisture, protein and nutrients.

You will need:

1 ripe Banana (use 2 if you have long hair)

1 tablespoon Honey

2-3 tablespoons Yogurt

1 teaspoon Coconut Oil (optional, adds texture to fine, oily hair)

Banana Hair Mask Ingredients: Banana, Honey and Yogurt
Banana Hair Mask for Thicker Hair Growth


Blend all the ingredients to a smooth puree paste. If you like, you can strain with a mesh strainer to remove any large chunks remaining, as they may get stuck on the hair.

How to Use

You can use the smoothie on oiled or non-oiled hair. If you got fine, oily hair, you can add a teaspoon of coconut oil. It helps improve the texture and thickness of hair.

Apply to your scalp and hair. Put on a shower cap or wrap your head in a muslin cloth or a towel. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, then rinse out.

Wash your hair with a homemade shampoo or any of your favourite shampoo. You won’t need much shampoo unless you have oiled your hair. Let it air dry and your hair will look thick, shiny and beautiful. Repeat once a week nourish and transform your hair.

I’d love to hear how yours turned out…Let me know in the comments how this banana smoothie helped your hair.

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