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3 Tips for Thicker and Shinier Hair Growth in 2024 (Keep Your Hope Alive)

 Tips for Thicker Hair Growth

Is your only wish for this year to grow thick, beautiful hair?

And that too using natural remedies.

So, what is the secret potion to awaken your sleeping locks? A kiss from your beloved will not work, sadly. But there is a simple method you can follow to get the beautiful hair you always desired.

Here are three things you must do:

1. Keep Hope Alive

2. Dream of Growing Beautiful Hair

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

3 Tips for Thicker and Shiner Hair Growth

1. Keep Hope Alive (Your hair will get better)

Firstly, have hope that your hair will get better. It will get thicker and stronger and shinier. It may, at the moment, seem like an impossible task, but keep telling yourself that it can happen.

Having hope is having an expectation that things will improve in the future. So you don’t feel so miserable about the problem.

It’s not that hope will wave a magic wand and grow hair.

But an elevated attitude can inspire us to look for appropriate answer to our problems, be it growing hair or developing clean energy or pleasing your in-laws.

What really helps in the process is imagination or visualization.

2. Dream of Growing Beautiful Hair

Yes, imagine/visualise how you want your hair to be, the colour, length, texture, etc. Create a clear mental picture of your desired hair. And voila your hair will be transformed after 30 days.

No-no visualisation doesn’t work that way.

But if you come to think, you create a mental model for any goal you wish to pursue. What this does is it prompts you to take action. Also, visualising your dream outcome will help boost your motivation and confidence.

However, you still have to take action. Because just hoping and visualising won’t work. You have to oil your hair, head massage and make lots of mistakes…

3. Make Lots of Mistakes


Mistakes teach you an important lesson. It tells us what is working and what is not.

At times, nothing seems to be working.

And that can be overwhelming. Especially if you have tried remedy after remedy and serum after serum, and the results have been blah.

So what do you do?

Get dispassionate about the whole result thing. Take it as a ‘silly game’ and enjoy the process, so it’s fun. But if you are too stressed before trying any remedy, then it becomes an exhausting routine, and a tiny disappointment can feel like a mammoth failure.

Lastly, do not despair that you haven’t found anything yet. Because there is always something else, another remedy or potion you can try that might work.

How do I know?

It’s been my experience, when I didn’t get bogged down with disappointments, and just carried on experimenting, things started to fall into place.

And I have thick, shiny, beautiful hair. And you, too, can have your dream hair very soon.

Do you have questions or anything else to share? Please do so in the comment box below…

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