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Success Stories: Hair Regrowth by WritingBoy

StarIt all looks good in the theory. But what’s really working for people and what’s practical to do?

This section will highlight just that – things that are doable, practical and producing results.

Here’s one to share:

Submitted on: 1st June 2015
Sent by: WritingBoy via comment
Category: Hair Regrowth

“As an old guy having endured a lot of stress in my life my kidneys and gallbladder have suffered badly. And if you look at where the gallbladder meridian travels on the head you may understand that gallbladder health (mentally and physically) are most important. I digress.

I started on the regrow the hair project. Started about a month ago. Bought a very expensive shampoo. Do the fingernail rubbing six days a week and take a few supplements and extra green supplements and highly recommend a little extra protein. Avoid sugar at all costs. It’s action very nearly imitates that of alcohol.

So does it work. I’m seeing some very pleasing ‘little babies’ growing on bare skin. And in thinning areas there are wonderful new ‘little babies’ also. So I’m very happy that my efforts are working.

May I offer the suggestion that Apple Cider Vinegar be used as a ‘conditioner’. It has a wonderful alkalizing effect on the scalp after shampooing. I use it in a small atomizer bottle at a rate of about 8 or 10 to one parts water to one part ACV. Just spray in on and leave it in. Do it once or twice a day also as it controls the DHT on the scalp. Drinking ACV at least once a day is also excellent as it breaks down the uric acid in the body. Citrus juice also is a boon for the over-acidic condition.

Give it a couple of months diligent work and you’ll see a result. If I, at 66, can see a result, so can you.”

Thanks for sharing your success story with us 🙂

This is very inspiring indeed and shows that age is certainly no barrier to hair regrowth.

I just want to add a few things:

– Sugar is indeed bad for your hair – it depletes nutrients needed for hair growth. So avoid it!

Fingernail rubbing has no scientific backing but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that helps to support its effectiveness.

– Apple cider vinegar can be drying for some hair and may do more harm than good. But if it works for you – awesome!

– Those of you who do not know what green supplements are, they are basically concentrated version of several fruits and vegetables. But these supplements or any supplement for that matter cannot replace healthy eating which is key to healthy body and healthy hair. And it’s best to consult your health care practitioner before taking them.

Do you have a success story to share that can benefit others? Has any natural remedy or natural treatment worked for you – not restricted to hair regrowth, it can be shampoo, conditioner, hair colour, dandruff, and anything related to hair.

Write to me on [email protected] or submit in the comment box with the heading ‘Success Stories’ and I will share it. And If you can submit before and after pictures that would be great.





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