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Rosemary Water for Thick Hair Growth: 4 Benefits and How to Make

Do you lose a lot of hair?

And are you looking for natural remedies to regain your crowning glory?

Then you need rosemary water.

Hailed as a new elixir for hair on social media, it’s one of the easiest home remedies you can make at home. In this article, we will look at the benefits of rosemary water, how to make it and ways to use it. Also, we will look at the research behind it and does it live up to the hype.

Redish-brown colour Rosemary Water in a glass jar, and on the side are fresh rosemary leaves and red flowers

I like bees and dragonflies visiting my garden. When I was growing up, the wild spaces and gardens used to be teaming with these lovely insects. We don’t see them that much. So in a bid to attract more insect life, I sowed some wildflowers seeds. And to my surprise, multiple colours wildflowers grew and grew quite fast. But what about the bees… did they come? I will tell you in a bit.

Now about hair growth. If you are looking for natural remedies to grow hair fast and thick, you may find your solution here.

Rosemary is a promising herb for the health and growth of your hair.

Although the ‘rosemary for hair growth’ trend must have picked up now, it has been used since ancient times as a hair and scalp tonic.

There are hundreds of ways you can use this herb. I will talk about a very effective way to use it as rosemary water.

rosemary plant with pale blue flowers growing on it

What is Rosemary Water?

Rosemary water is nothing fancy. It’s water and rosemary cooked together. So you can also call it rosemary tea.

This rosemary tea is rich in bioactive compounds that does all sorts of good things for your hair and scalp. From improving blood flow to the scalp to protecting your hair follicles from free radical damage, as well as soothing scalp irritation.

Let’s see each benefit one by one…

Rosemary Water Hair Benefits

When I started using rosemary water on my hair, my goal was to reduce hair loss. I had read wonderful things about rosemary, both rosemary oil and rosemary water. And because I had the herb handy, I tried the tea first. It really worked for me. It reduced hair shedding, as well as I could see the hair density increase over time.

Rosemary has worked for me and thousands of other people. However, would it work for you? Maybe. You will only know after trying it on yourself.

Rosemary is rich in several bioactive compounds. And these compounds have direct or indirect effects on the hair. Here are the nutrients and science behind rosemary’s working…

1. Rosemary helps Reduce Hair Loss

Rosemary is rich in potent antioxidant compounds such as: carnosic acid and carnosol. And if you are a regularly reader you would know that antioxidants get rid of free radicals – which can cause damage to the hair follicles, eventually causing hair loss.

This is supported by a study done on 100 men with androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. The study compared the effect of rosemary oil to minoxidil, a commercial drug for hair loss. Results showed that rosemary oil was just as effective as minoxidil in reducing hair loss and increasing hair density (2).

So if you are looking for natural options for hair loss, rosemary may be your answer versus minoxidil which comes with its share of side effects such as itching and hair growth elsewhere in the body.

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2. Rosemary can Accelerate Hair growth

Rosemary does this by boosting blood flow to the scalp. And that means more oxygen and vital nutrients are delivered to hair follicles (2). And when hair follicles are thriving, they will produce strong and healthy hair growth.

3. Rosemary Darkens Hair

It will not transform your hair overnight. But with repeated use over time, your hair will get darker hues. Rosemary also has a mild tinting effect on grey hair. 

4. Rosemary will enhance Shine and Volume

This herb is conditioning and nourishing for your hair. It adds shine and texture to your hair and improves manageability.

You see, rosemary is superb for hair. Now that you know its benefits, let’s find out how to make and use rosemary water aka tea.

How to Make Rosemary Water 

As I said before, this recipe is very easy to make. All you need is rosemary and water to make fragrant tea water. You can also add other herbs, such as lavender flowers, flaxseeds or amla, for extra boost.


Optional add-ins

Rosemary Water for Hair Growth


1. Place rosemary leaves (lavender flower, amla, etc.) in a pan, add water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat, and simmer, covered (to avoid the loss of volatile oils in the steam) for about 5 minutes.

2. Remove from the heat and let it sit in the pot to cool. The water will turn reddish-brown, as you can see in the above picture. You may see an oil film on the surface, and that’s ok — it’s the rosemary oil.

3. Strain out the rosemary tea, then add the peppermint oil if you wish and stir to combine.

How to Use Rosemary Water

You can use rosemary water in several different ways. I like to use it as a hair rinse, after shampooing, instead of conditioner. If I notice excess shedding, I spray rosemary water as a leave-in tonic. So you can decide how you want to use it according to your requirement. 

Here are some of the ways you can use it:

1. Use Rosemary Water as a Hair Rinse

After shampooing, slowly pour the rinse over your hair and catch the drippings in the mug/pot and keep pouring them through your hair until they are all used. Massage the infusion into your scalp and hair and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

2. Use it as a Leave-in Hair Tonic

If you are having excess hair fall, spray the rosemary water on your scalp and hair and leave it in until the next wash. This helps reduce hair loss.

3. Post-exercise Hair Rinse

Washing hair with shampoo too often can be damaging to your hair. So, if you exercise frequently, or sweat a lot due to hot weather conditions, skip the shampoo and use this rinse to refresh your hair.

Tip: You can use a squeeze bottle for easy pouring. .

How to Store Rosemary Water

The above quantity should suffice at least 2 applications depending on the length of your hair. Store the remaining in the fridge, it will keep for up to two weeks. When using from fridge, slightly warm before use.

Where to Find Rosemary

Native to Mediterranean region, rosemary is grown in many parts of the world now. So you will not have difficulty finding rosemary: either fresh or dried around you. You can also buy rosemary online

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I put rosemary water on my hair? Can I apply it every day?

If you use rosemary water as a leave-in treatment, you don’t have to reapply it every day. Rosemary water will continue benefiting your hair until your next wash. Applying too often can cause scalp dryness.

How long does it take for rosemary water to boost hair growth?

You should see some notable hair growth in 3-4 weeks. However, it’s also possible that you don’t see any changes in your hair loss or growth because rosemary is not a ‘magic herb’ that works for everyone. And don’t switch between too many ingredients, as you won’t know what is working and what is not.

Is rosemary water safe for everybody? Who should avoid using it?

The good thing is rosemary water is generally safe to use. However, if you are using rosemary water for the first time, do a patch test on your forearm before applying it. Rosemary may irritate a small percentage of people.

Let’s summarise what we have seen so far

1. Rosemary is deemed the new Holy Grail for hair on social media.

2. One of the most effective ways to use rosemary is in the form of rosemary water. And making rosemary water is like making a cup of tea.

3. Rosemary is rich in bioactives that have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, rosemary also increases scalp circulation.

4. It reduces hair loss, stimulates growth, and it’s also found to be as effective as the commercially sold minoxidil.

5. So if you want your hair to grow healthy and dense, give rosemary a chance.

And if you are still wondering… yes, the bees came effortlessly attracted to the pretty-wild-flowers. It’s a nice sight to watch. And I have not been stung so far, which is good. 

Do you use rosemary water on your hair? What benefits have you seen? Please share in the comment box below.

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