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Grey Hair Care: Natural Tips to Make Grey Hair Gorgeous

Grey Hair Care


No one quite knows at what age our hair will start turning grey. It can happen in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or even much later.

Of course, your genes play a big role. So if your parents turned grey early, you’ll also go grey early. But that is not a sure probability. It can happen other way as well. You may go grey before your parents did. And that could be due to stress, vitamin B12 deficiency or illness.

Oddly, even after you have tackled stress, nutritional deficiency and illness your grey hair may not disappear and stay put. You will see them lolling or frizzing happily on your head like they always belonged there. Nothing you can do about it. Or maybe you can. You can either colour your greys, with natural options such as henna, or simply flaunt them.

And why not, you can flaunt your greys just like you flaunt your pigmented or coloured hair. Although grey hair needs a little more love and gentleness.

And why not, you can flaunt your greys just like you flaunt your pigmented or coloured hair. Although grey hair care needs a little more love and gentleness.

Why is that? Well, it’s because of four reasons.

  1. Grey hair tends to be drier
  2. Grey hair lacks shine and softness
  3. Grey hair usually has a finer texture
  4. Grey hair can get easily discoloured

These are the problems that grey hair face, but you don’t have to get bogged down by it. I have for you simple and natural solutions to deal with them and make your grey hair gorgeous and swish-worthy.

1. Grey Hair Tends to be Drier

As greying mostly happens later in life, it’s also time when other changes are happening in your body. One of them, your natural oil or sebum supply is dwindling. The oil glands are small pouch-like structures that lie beneath each hair. With age, it starts to secrete less and less oil. And that results in hair that is dry and dull.

What can you do?

  • If the oil glands are not working to its full capacity, you can take help of plant oils to condition and nourish your hair. Some amazing oils for grey hair are: coconut, avocado, almond and jojoba oil. To use, massage coconut oil (or any other oil of your choice) into your scalp and hair a few hours before washing them. It will add much-needed hydration while also taming the frizz.
  • But if you are not the oiling types, you can use a wide-tooth wood comb or brush and comb a few times. Doing this will stimulate your scalp to secrete more oil as well as distribute natural oils from the scalp to the ends.

Okay, next pressing issue with grey hair care is that is doesn’t shine bright…

2. Grey Hair Lacks Shine and Softness

Coconut milk hair conditioner for dry, coarse hair

As we have just seen, grey hair tends to be drier due to dwindling production from oil glands. And that affects the hair’s shine because dry hair is unable to reflect light. Also, it affects the hair’s softness. Imagine making a cake with no oil or fat. The result is dry, crumbly pieces that no one wants to eat. Likewise, your hair with little natural oils will be stiff and dull. I mean, it won’t crumble, but it will be difficult to comb and not look pretty. You get the point, right?

What can you do?

  • To increase softness, you can do oiling as suggested earlier.
  • But another amazing way to make hair soft, smooth and shiny is to do a weekly hair mask, which you can concoct at home. Use coconut milk mask for intense hydration and softness or apply egg and honey mask to enhance volume and shine. Then there’s also avocado mask which is gorgeously rich in fatty acids and it will leave your hair super soft and glossy.

Now with shine and softness dealt with, let’s look at the next problem of grey hair, and it’s the texture…

3. Grey Hair has a Finer Texture

Our hair tends to get finer with age. As the body changes happen, the hair follicles narrow and that produces finer hair. Those with coarse hair may not feel so much difference, but if you have fine hair and it gets finer that creates a limp and flat look. Now you can’t change the dimension of hair follicles, but you can certainly add volume to your hair.

What can you do?

  • Protein hair masks work fabulously in bulking up your locks. You can choose from yogurt mask or egg mask or miracle hair mask. All of them are rich in natural proteins, and they will leave your hair looking fuller and voluminous.
  • Otherwise, what also works is coconut oil. Of course, coconut oil doesn’t contain any protein in it, but it helps your hair to retain protein. And this quality of coconut oil helps your hair get thicker and stronger. 

Now with softness and texture sorted, it brings us to the last point, the discoloration challenge

4. Grey Hair Gets Yellow

Just like a tiny black dot on white paper, any build-up or slight colour change will show up easily on grey hair. Colour change can happen due to hard water. The minerals in it build-up on your hair and could cause your grey hair to become yellow. Besides, swimming in chlorinated water can tint your hair. Smoking will also yellow your hair.

What can you do?

  • You can get rid of hard water build-up with apple cider vinegar rinse. Or you can use a shower filter to block the heavy minerals.
  • If you are a swimmer, it will help if you make your hair wet and apply a tiny bit of conditioner before you swim. Plus, putting on a swimming cap will provide extra protection.   

You see looking after grey hair is not a big deal. Once you understand the needs of your hair, you can rock your silver tresses and sparkle on.

Let’s sum up:

  • Grey hair happens at an age when other bodily changes are happening. With the sebum supply getting low, your hair starts to get dry and stiff.
  • Some fantastic natural remedies that work to bring back shine and softness is oiling, combing with wide tooth comb and putting hair masks.
  • And since grey hair can easily get discoloured, you can take help of apple cider vinegar rinse or install a shower filter.

How do you keep your grey hair in pristine condition?

Grey Hair Care

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