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7 Enemies of Hair that Stop Hair Growth

 enemies of hair that stop hair growth


Is your hair is falling like crazy?

Or not growing back?

What not to do is as important as what to do.

When I was trying to regrow my lost hair, I was focusing on what oils/masks to put on my hair or what to eat to make it strong and healthy.

But over time, I realised that there are ‘certain things’ that need to be eliminated or cut down if I want my hair back. Avoiding these hair enemies really helped me. And I want to reveal them to you so you can benefit as well. Some of them are common sense, and a reminder to avoid them. While others will take you by surprise, especially the no. 7.

And if I paint a holistic picture, these are not just bad for your hair; they are bad for your body too. So here are your hair’s offenders and why staying away from them will help your hair a great deal.

7 Enemies of Healthy Hair

1. Excess Tea and Coffee

There is a concept in India of cutting chai. That means you share your tea with a friend and also pay half. This is very popular amongst the students or if you are tight on cash. But in a way it is also good for your health, as you are not drinking a full cup of tea. Tea makes the body acidic. And if tissues are too acidic, then minerals needed for healthy hair, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc, are taken from the hair follicles to neutralise this acidity.

Limit your tea or coffee to 1-2 cups a day. Also, drink it after you have eaten something and not on an empty stomach.

Overall, moderation is the key. With anything in life.

Good alternative to Coffee: Chicory root

Good alternative to Tea: Cinnamon and almond milk, herbal teas like tulsi, chamomile, and lemon ginger.

2. Processed Foods

Biscuits, cookies, cakes, chocolates, donuts, and pizzas are good as occasional treats. But if you binge on them, your body is not going to like it. It will not shout at you, but silently revolt by giving you dull hair and skin, bad joints and slow performing brain.

3. Late nights

Sleep is really important for healthy hair and glowing skin. When we sleep, certain hormones are secreted all night – these do the repair and restoration work of all the cells of our body (including hair cells). If you’re watching something on your phone/laptop, your brain sends the signal to your body that it is daytime. And in turn, your body starts secreting daytime hormones as opposed to repair hormones of night time.

Try and switch off all your gadgets at least half an hour (preferably an hour) before you sleep.

4. Yo-Yo diets

I get emails from so many young men and women that they went on a diet, lost a lot of weight in very short time and now they are losing chunks of hair.

Sudden weight loss is stressful for the body. Fasting and depriving yourself of foods can cause deficiency of vitamins and nutrients in the body, and thus it cannot function effectively. You will have side effects like loose skin, hair loss, weakness, lack of concentration, irritability, just to name a few.

Keep an eye on portion size. Eat healthily, exercise regularly and eliminate junk from your diet. And you will get to the right weight automatically. Also, you don’t have to eat magic berries from Amazon forest to get healthy. Try and eat fresh, local produce which is good for your local farmers as well as the environment.

Avoiding carbs, eating too much meat or surviving just on raw food is not sustainable in long run. Build a diet regime that gives you energy and makes you feel fresh throughout the day.

5. Smoking

All I can say is quit smoking; it’s bad for your whole body.

6. Sitting all day

Sitting all day in front of a computer or TV  is doing no good to our hair and skin.

When we exercise we sweat, and toxins are flushed through pores of our skin, giving us a fresh and radiant skin. Likewise, when we sweat from our scalp, it helps in opening the clogged pores, and this gives the room for new growth to come up easily. Exercise also increases blood circulation throughout your body, including the scalp. This allows more nutrients to reach the follicles to promote healthy hair growth.

Sadly, exercise doesn’t come in a form of pill and no one to do it for you. So, just get up and get moving. As a general goal, aim for 30 minutes of physical activity 3 to 4 days a week.

Exercise doesn’t have to be boring. It’s, in fact, a great way to unwind, enjoy the outdoors, and have fun. Physical activity can also help you connect with family or friends in a fun social setting. So, take a dance class, learn a sport, or walk your children to and from school.

Find a physical activity you enjoy, and just do it (maybe, wearing a Nike – my favorite).

7. Fear

Fear is a big enemy of hair. It is such a weak emotion that you better say bye bye to it.

When you are constantly worried that you will lose all your hair, your hair follicles hear that and they will get weaker and weaker. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. And that’s not what you want, right? Let go of your fear and let go of the strong desire to grow your hair.  That doesn’t mean you stop caring for your hair. You still do. But you let go of the obsession and be in state of love and care, and not fear.

Also, when you lose X amount of hair, believe that new hair is growing in its place. I know it’s not easy. I have been through that phase. But you can give it a try, at least for a few days. Replace fear with love. And keep sending your hair love whenever you touch it. (You can practice some positive affirmations such as these.)

Lastly, I would say enjoy your life, don’t stress about your hair. When you stop stressing about them that is when they start to grow. Trust me on this.

Have you already Or are you planning to quit any of the above? please share in the comment box below! 

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