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8 Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth (and Scalp Health)

essential oils for hair

What happens when you peel an orange? You get the refreshing, orangey scent. And what about when you drive past the lavender farm, you can smell the heavenly floral scent for miles…. If you or your neighbour is mowing the lawn, you get the scent of fresh cut grass. The thing is all fruits, flowers, […]

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9 Top Benefits of Ashwagandha (Reduces Stress and Improves Hair Growth)

ashwagandha for hair loss

Are you losing sleep over hair fall? That’s not very nice. But fret not! Ashwagandha, a traditional Indian herb, can come to your rescue. Being an adaptogen, it will help you stay calm and relaxed, improve sleep quality and thus promote hair growth. In this article, we will look at 9 amazing benefits of ashwagandha. […]

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Green Tea for Hair Growth, Strength and Shine

Green tea for hair growth

Green tea is a fantastic natural home remedy to reduce shedding, strengthen hair and add luster and shine. Let’s get to know green tea more. Some time ago, my parents visited Darjeeling, a town in the Himalayan foothills. If you are a tea drinker, you would know Darjeeling is famous for its tea plantation. The […]

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Ginger For Hair Growth (Can Help Reduce DHT)

ginger for hair growth

Ginger is a great remedy for thinning hair. And that’s because it stimulates scalp circulation and boosts hair growth. Plus, it helps to prevent shrinking of hair follicles. Let’s get to know more about ginger… This aromatic, pungent, and spicy root is liberally used in Asian kitchens. In India, adrak wali chai or ginger-infused tea […]

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Banana Hair Mask to Revive Dry and Dull Hair


Is your hair dry, dull and crying for moisture? Well, ladies here’s a hair mask made with ‘the most popular fruit in the world’. It will transform your hair into smooth-silky-dazzling beauty. And that hair-beautifying fruit is….the humble banana. At times when bananas are overripe, we don’t know what to do with them. You can […]

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Black Seed (Kalonji) Hair Mask to Regrow Your Hair


Black seeds are a super effective natural remedy to reduce hair loss and regrow hair. Most of the hair remedies we use help nourish hair. But black seeds are different. Black seeds are powerful healers. They help heal hair follicles that are inflamed and damaged. And when hair follicles are revived and become healthy, the […]

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DIY Avocado Hair Mask for Thicker, Shinier and Voluminous Hair

Avocado hair mask

Do you want strong, shiny hair that grows faster? Apply an avocado on hair. But that stuff is food. Yes, it is. However, it works great as a hair mask. If your question is how and why? We will come to it later, before that my story about how I fell in love with the […]

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Miracle Hair Mask for Hair Growth, Thickness and Dandruff

Miracle hair mask: made with yogurt and fenugreek powder.

I call this recipe Miracle Hair Mask because it helps with so many hair issues. It’s also one of the most popular hair masks with the Indian women, because of its amazing healing and beautifying effects. 9 Benefits of Miracle Hair Mask * Reduces hair loss * Prevents dandruff and promotes a healthy scalp * […]

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