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7 Ways to Beat the Winter Hair Blues


7 ways to beat the winter hair blues

7 ways to beat the winter hair blues


Is winter being harsh on your hair?

Constant changes in temperature from the cold outdoors to warm indoors can leave your hair dry, frizzy and prone to damage. Also, the lack of moisture in the air may aggravate flaking and itching of the scalp. But, do not fret, you and your hair can have fun this winter. Here are some great tips to help restore your troubled tresses.

7 Tips to Beat the Winter Hair Blues


1. Make friends with oils 

I have seasonal preference for oils. Olive oil is my choice for winter as it has both moisturising and humectant (draws moisture from air) properties. You can also use other oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil, and sesame oil. Apply about 1 to 2 tbs (depending on the length) on your head. Gently massage for about 5 minutes using your finger pads. Let the oil sit for an hour, and then wash as usual. Ideally your should oil your hair before every wash (especially in winters). If not do it at least once a week and get smooth and shiny hair even in winters.

2. Ease up on the shampoo 

During the winter months when hair tends to be moisture deprived, shampooing two or three times a week is plenty. Washing your hair every day strips away the natural oils produced by your scalp which would help to keep your scalp and hair moisturised and healthy. Plus over-washing can also disturb your scalp’s pH balance which may further aggravate the winter hair blues.

3. Condition with Orange juice

Orange juice rinse works great for dry and moisture deprived hair. This rinse will condition your hair and its acidity will help to get rid of dead and flaky scalp skin.To prepare this conditioner – extract juice of one orange, to this add one cup warm water, one tsp honey, 1/2 tsp olive or sesame oil and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Use this mix after shampooing your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes, then wash off with plain water.

4. Don’t turn up water temperature

When the weather gets cold, it’s tempting to turn up the hot water heater. But don’t. Hot water will strip the moisture out of your skin and hair, leaving it parched, dry and scaly. It is better to use warm water instead of hot water, and limit your bath or shower time to 15 minutes.

5. Air dry your hair

With hair already lacking moisture you don’t want to lose further moisture by blow drying. If you must blow dry then let your hair air dry to 80 percent and finish the remaining 20 percent with blow dryer. This way you save your hair from excess heat so you can retain more moisture and your hair will look just as good.

6. Tie a scarf around or wear a hat

Whenever you are stepping outside in the cold you need to protect your hair from cold winds. Wearing a scarf, a hat or a cap will lock the moisture of your hair and protect it against the elements. In addition, they make great accessories, and they are also excellent at hiding bad hair days 🙂

7. Do not forget to apply a leave in oil-cum-conditioner

 Lastly, Oil – again – for additional moisture. Applying a few drops of lightweight oil (such as almond oil, or jojoba oil or coconut oil) smooths and adds shine to dry, frizzy, and static-y hair. To use: After shampooing and towel drying, take 3 to 4 drops of almond oil, rub between your palms and apply to hair away from your scalp (preferably to the lower 2/3rd of your hair). This will make your hair more manageable and also easier to comb through. Always take the less-is- more route or the result will be greasy stands.

Do you have any more tips to share?


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