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How To Grow Your Hair Faster: 10 Hair Growth Tips

How To Grow Your Hair Faster

How To Grow Your Hair Faster


My hair grows really fast.

My hair dresser, who is also my sister-in-law, always comments on how fast my hair grows. She is fab by the way 🙂

I don’t do anything extraordinary. But I also don’t do anything ordinary on my hair. I treat my hair pretty royal, as I think it’s one of the best accessories that you can wear. And I, anyways, don’t wear too many accessories, so I invest that time, money, and energy into my lovely hair (I prefer using kind language for my hair, even when it doesn’t behave well :/).

You don’t have to make a dent in your pocket nor spend hours on your hair. It’s the few changes that will make a huge difference in the health and length of your hair. Here are simple and effective ways to grow your hair faster:

 How to grow your hair faster: 10 Hair growth Tips

 1. Feed Your Hair From Within

No amount of external application will do any good unless your hair is stronger from the outset. Eating a variety of nutrient packed food will feed your hair with necessary vitamins and minerals to grow faster, stronger, healthier.

Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts (almond, walnut, Brazil nut), and seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower). Eat more iron rich food such as lentils (dal), spinach, wholegrains, good quality meat and fish. And of course quality protein is the most important food for your hair. Eat pulses (mung, black eye, kidney, chickpeas), lentils (super for your hair), nuts, seeds, milk, yoghurt, tofu, fish, eggs, and chicken to get your supply of vegetarian and/or animal based protein in your diet.

2. Yoga For Hair

I highly advocate yoga postures for hair growth. There is no scientific evidence to prove the point, but this ancient science of yoga has helped millions of people around the world, and moreover you have nothing to lose.

How does yoga work? Certain yoga postures like shoulder stand, plow pose are effective in relieving pressure and tension in the neck, which will increase circulation to the scalp. Thus bringing essential nutrients for healthy hair growth. Recommended postures include head stand (sirsasana), shoulder stand (sarvangasana), plow pose (halasana), downward facing dog stretch (adhomukha svanasana), big toe pose (Padangusthasana), forward stretch (uttanasana), and sun salutation (surya namaskar). These postures are purported to correct hormonal imbalances, which is another cause for stunted hair growth.  Plus, they also increase vitality, improve concentration, calm nerves, and help aid digestion.

Caution: Please see below*

3. Oil Massage

Oil massage is another key element for hair growth and I can’t stress enough on how important it is. It improves blood circulation and drains away toxins from the scalp, which can affect hair growth. Plus, it also helps reduce protein loss from the hair shaft that may occur during washing/shampooing, thus lessening the chances of hair thinning and damage. With regular massage you will definitely notice the difference in the quality and length of your hair.

Use a mixture of coconut oil, almond or olive oil and castor oil (ratio of  2:2:1). Apply evenly on your scalp and massage gently with the pads of your fingers. Finish by running fingers through your hair. It shouldn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes. Leave on for an hour or you can also keep it overnight for better conditioning. For best results massage at least once a week.

4. Herbal Packs

Use nourishing power of herbs to accelerate hair growth. Herbs such as rosemary, amla, bhringraj, brahmi, parsely, lavender, holy basil (tulsi), aloe vera, hibiscus (jaswandh, gudhal), fenugreek (methi), and shikakai are packed with hair nurturing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytosterols, and fatty acids that penetrate the scalp and promote hair growth. Many of them also offer anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-reddening properties that help to keep the scalp healthy and dandruff free.

To use: Grind your favorite herb (about 1 tablespoon, dried or fresh) and combine with one or more base ingredients such as rhassoul clay, bentonite clay, fullers earth (multani mitti), henna, gram flour (besan), honey, yoghurt, egg, coconut oil, and olive oil. Apply to your scalp and hair and leave on for about 30 mins. You can apply hair mask on its own or after nice head massage. Then wash off as usual.

5. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

If you desire long hair, then Don’t wash your hair too frequently. Washing too often will strip your hair of its natural protective oils, leaving them dry, dull and prone to breakage. Even if you use a conditioner after shampooing it’s not same as your natural oils.

Besides, constant washing can cause damage or breakage. When hair becomes wet, it absorbs water and swells, resulting in hair that is more elastic and easier to break. Therefore stick to once or twice a week, and over time your hair too will adjust to your less-shampooing way and stop getting greasy and sweaty.

Tip: If your hair isn’t too greasy do not use a shampoo, instead use a hair rinse, which is both cleansing and nourishing.

6. Prevent Hair Breakage

Hair damage and breakage are a great hindrance to growing your hair longer faster. The daily grind – washing, combing, styling, and chemical treatments – can cause the hair cuticle, which is the outside protective sheath of hair shaft, to wear off, making hair prone to damage. To make matters worse, longer the hair, older it is and higher the chance that it will get damaged and break off.

You cannot undo the damage, but you can surely prevent it from happening. Use a leave-in conditioner (apply few drops of pure oils such as almond, coconut, jojoba, post shampoo to the damp or dry hair ) to protect your hair strands, plus it will also add wonderful shine and make your hair soft, smooth and manageable. And as far as possible avoid synthetic dyes and chemical treatments that require harsh chemicals – which can damage hair strands and restrict growth.

7. Let Your Hair Air Dry

The quickest way to make your hair grow longer is to keep it from breaking in the first place. So avoid blow drying, heat styling, and any form of direct heat on your hair. Repeated heat treatment can damage hair, leaving dry, brittle hair strands that break easily.

Drying hair and air drying is synonymous for me. And it doesn’t take too long. Instead of using your normal towel, simply use an old cotton T-shirt, which will remove excess water out, and your hair will be ready sooner than you think. Plus, it will also have more body and shine.

Tip: To keep your ends nourished and healthy apply few drops of almond or jojoba oil.

8. Use Wide-Tooth Wood Comb

Thin-tooth combs or combs can tug on the hair and cause breakage. They can also hurt the delicate new growth and may cause abrasions on your scalp.

Stick to seamless, wide-tooth wood combs, which is kinder on your hair and scalp. The other advantage of using a wide-tooth wood comb is that it provides massaging effect while combing and also help distribute sebum (natural oils) from the scalp to ends.

9. Use Henna To Strengthen

Henna has been used for thousands of years for its coloring and conditioning properties. Henna coats the hair shaft and makes it strong and resilient, and therefore helps prevent breakage. With just one application your hair will have more body and luster.

Henna gives hair red-brown tint, and when mixed with other herbs such as amla, cinnamon, indigo and other natural dyes, can create a variety of beautiful colours.

Tip: For blonde hair use cassia, also called as neutral henna. It makes hair shiny, healthy, and strong and will restore youthful golden colour to dull or greying blond hair.

10. Opt For Natural Products

Nature has provided us some fabulous oils, butters, herbs, clays, and cleansing agents to care for our skin and hair. So why use synthetic chemicals that irritate our skin and scalp, harm our hair, and also badly affect the environment.

Learn to read the labels and buy products containing safer and natural ingredients. If you are unsure about any ingredient, check its safety at


In the end I would just say:  Be patient and treat your hair Royally, and it will definitely yield ‘lengthy’ rewards 🙂


Do you have any more tips? Would love to hear your views on growing hair faster..


*Caution: If you are not already practicing yoga, then it is advised that you learn under supervision of yoga instructor. Those suffering from high BP, cardiac condition, osteoporosis, or any medical condition should seek advice of the GP before beginning.


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Rosalin says

I experience thinning of hair..and my hair is not so healthy and it dries out easily…I have extremely thin hair… could you suggest me some remedies…

Kate says

Hello! I live in the Caribbean and have a lot of hibiscus plants, could I use the leaves as a conditioner? Have you use the leaves, And how to use it? Thanks.

Millie gupta says

Hi, I have short hairs,, and they are extremely thin and I have dandruff and oily scalp too ????
I tried plethora of treatments for hair growth but my hairs are still extremely thin
Suggest something plz

    Minaz says

    Check out aloe vera hair mask, it should help you.

Lilian Nosakhare-Ogunmola says

Thanks for this wonderful tips.
Include plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts (almond, walnut, Brazil nut), and seeds (flax, pumpkin, sunflower) in daily diet.Using products with natural ingredients are best for the hair, also washing the hair less often to avoid dryness of scalp,then air dry instead of blow drying the hair.

Sowmya k says

Can you suggest some natural shampoos…..

    Minaz says

    Hi, to be honest I haven’t come across any brand of shampoo (natural or synthetic) that I can vouch for. If I oil my hair I usually wash my hair with very little shampoo, then use herbal hair rinse to nourish and bring shine to hair.

kaise kare says

Hello, I just tried the inversion method today for the first time. My scalp, neck, and back are now nicely moisturized, but my hair looks like I haven’t washed it in a month. I quit shampoo awhile ago and am using dr. bronner’s castile soap on my hair instead, but all that did was distribute the oil more evenly. So I have two questions:

1. Is castile soap really better than a shampoo with sulfates? Am I on the right track?

2. What do you do to keep your hair from looking amazingly dirty during the week that you use the inversion method?

Thanks for all your hair posts!

riyana says

hello 🙂
since past two years I have been experiencing heavy hair loss
I used to have thick hair now they are soo thin that i cant explain how pathetic they look
I have been trying almost all masks and food items since months
but theres no change
Also I loose baby hairs from by head the one that are 3inch or 1inch length
do u have any suggestion for me ? so that i could grow better hair
i loose around 200 -170 strands a day
I have got very oily scalp so i bath everyday and If i dont bath one day next day hair lost just doubles

I hope you wll reply me and help me out


    Minaz says

    Riyana, you got to keep patience. Read this post on staying positive: hair affirmations
    And try washing your hair every alternate day, it will get oily initially but as you stretch you scalp will produce less oil.

pratyusha says

Since two weeks i washed my hair with natura shampoo made of soapnuts .now my scalp is feeling very itchy ..and i am losing lots of hair while oiling nd after shampoo …please give me any suggestion

    Minaz says

    Pratyusha, add shikakai and amla to the shampoo, plus 1 teaspoon oil of your choice.

radhika says

I feel if I oil my hair I m losing lot of strands say about 40 to 50. And that happens only when I oil my hair. If I apply any pack also I get severe head cold. And I don’t have that great volume. I used to have but due to stress it got reduced.I use meera powder to wash my hair. Apart from that I don’t do anything. Please help me how to get a good healthy and voluminous hair.

    Minaz says

    Hello Radhika, It’s ok lose that many hair during head massage. And these are dead hair anyways (telogen phase), so if they fall off its good as they will give room for new hair to grow.
    Massage your scalp using 2 tablespoon sesame oil (organic if possible) and 1 tsp amla juice. Leave overnight.
    Sesame oil is warm in nature and should hopefully not give you cold/sinus. You can also add 2 drops of clove oil, which is stimulating and warming.
    Let us know how it works. Best wishes, Minaz

deb says

Hi there, i stopped oil massaging in my teens and ate a lot of junk food. I started losing hair after 2-3years of this lifestyle and i started oiling and taking care of it one year back but my front scalp i.e on top of the head has very less hair not bald spots.i hav bak brushd my hair my whole life i tried going to the dermatologist i was prescribed minoxidil but it didnt help hair fall is now under control but hair growth is terrible…pls help

    Minaz says

    Hi Deb, Use this mixture for head massage: 2 tbs almond oil, 1tbs castor oil, 1 tbs amla juice or amla powder. Apply to your scalp and massage gently for 10 minutes and leave over night. Do it twice a week.
    Also, drink 1 -2 tbs aloe vera juice every day (fresh if possible).
    Hope this works for you.
    Cheers, Minaz

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