A Powerful Detox for Your Hair

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Scalp detox is one of the important aspects to grow beautiful hair. The dirt and impurities sitting on your scalp can clog hair follicles and hamper growth.

Ancient clays like Rhassoul can be of great help. Its negative charge pulls out excess oils and dirt, leaving your scalp clean and healthy.

So this way your hair can grow faster and thicker, uninterrupted from any blockages or impurities.

Here’s how to purify Your Scalp with this ancient clay

How to Detox Your Scalp and Grow Healthy Hair

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7 Ways To Detox Your Scalp: Grow Thick and Healthy Hair

7 Ways To Detox Your Scalp: Grow Thick and Healthy Hair

A Healthy and Clean Scalp is the key to thick, shiny, gorgeous hair.

If your scalp is unhealthy, inflamed and full of toxins, imagine what quality of hair will it grow. Dull, thin, weak that falls out easily.



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