7 Foods for Amazing Hair Growth (Reduce Hair Fall & Thinning)

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Have you ever wondered why trees shed leaves before winter? Shedding leaves helps trees to conserve water and energy to survive.

Why am I telling you this? Well that is what our bodies do if our diet is not right. They shed hair first because hair is non-essential part of your body – meaning it’s not necessary for your survival.

To save body’s resources, nutrients will be taken from less important areas such as hair and nails to feed the more important parts, such as organs. As a result, your hair will grow weaker and thinner over time.

The good news is that if you start eating healthy, your body will have enough resources (nutrients); and thus your hair will get the required vitamin and minerals for it to grow strong and healthy.

So what do you eat for healthy hair? Here’s a list of 7 superfoods to nourish your hair from within.

7 Foods for Amazing Hair Growth (Reduce Hair Fall & Thinning)   

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7 Ways To Detox Your Scalp: Grow Thick and Healthy Hair

7 Ways To Detox Your Scalp: Grow Thick and Healthy Hair

A Healthy and Clean Scalp is the key to thick, shiny, gorgeous hair.

If your scalp is unhealthy, inflamed and full of toxins, imagine what quality of hair will it grow. Dull, thin, weak that falls out easily.



A collection of my favourite products that I recommend for hair, skin and everyday life. I have created a helpful list of oils, herbs, conditioners, supplements, etc. for every hair type. 

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