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Hello Ma’am…I want to tell you this website is amazing and you’re doing a brilliant job. I use miracle hair mask every sunday and garlic hair oil too as per the website. I’ve got amazing results and my brittle hair have become so soft and adorable. I have one problem..while there are no issues during summers and my hair quantity remains intact, I start loosing huge amount of hair as winter approaches. Nothing solves this problem…please if you can tell any special remedy/hair oil for winters. It would be huge help.

Tara Green says

I just want to say thank you! Your research and information on natural hair care may have saved my hair — literally! I have struggled with hair loss and breakage for over 10 years. I have been experimenting with different recipes and recommendations from your website for about 6 weeks now — and I have a ton of new hair growth. Like seriously, as a woman age 50, I am amazed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart — you are truly the Hair Buddha and I cannot tell you just how much the thought of having simply a normal head of hair means to me. Best to you! Please keep posting.
Tara, Canaan, CT

    Minaz says

    Dear Tara, I am so very happy to hear that!! Thank you for the love and support.
    I would also give credit to you for exploring the natural remedies, and having that trust.
    Best, Minaz

Omar Ali says

I have been regular follower of Hairbuddha for past 2 years.
It helped immensely in maintaining a healthy hair.
For past 3 months I have been experiencing severe hair fall.
A kind of bald spot appeared in the middle of the head.
Severe hair loss on rear portion of the head.
I generally study whole night Nd sleep at 6 in the morning.
But I have been doing this for past 3 years.
It’s really depressing.
Would you plz suggest some remedies by which I can stop hair loss.
And is there any chance to regrow the lost hair.

    Minaz says

    See garlic hair oil, I found it very effective.

Anon says

Hello, I have a question regarding the timeline of your hair growth. In one article you mentioned that in your late teens or so you hair was weakened, and through the hair treatment process you gained it back. I’m experiencing similar issues due to post puberty hormones / low Testosterone / other issues. How long did it take you to regrow your hair to full volume? Thanks

Jaspreet Singh says

Thanks for all you write about hair problems dear Minaz ji.Sending you much more love & respect…
All the best.

    Minaz says

    Thank you Jaspreet for your kind words. I am really glad to know you are find the articles useful.

Arobi Dey says

Dear Minaz,
Thank you for you lovely tips , I had been following you hair mask suggestion and home made shampoos . I have a particular concern.. for past two years I had been using Khadi shampoo( extra conditioning Heena) , initially the result was good , but now is a bit dull . I had used the green tea shampoo with mother care baby shampoo and honey once and the banana mask had an amazing result . Firstly to give you an idea about my hair –
1. It has less than medium growth
2. High porosity hair .
3. It’s curly if I at all don’t comb after wash , but it’s at times frizzy.

I want to keep my hair naturally curly. Can you suggest a shampoo conditioner to keep my hair curly and bouncy .

Thanks & Regards

    Minaz says

    Dear Arobi,
    I guess you live in India – you can try Himalaya, biotique or shehnaz hussian range.
    I have used khadi and didn’t like it very much.
    Let me know what works for you.

Mazher says

Hi Maaam,I am Mazher 28 years old. Currently I am facing hair loss issue, with too much hair loss in front and center portion. Also facing acne on scalp. Pls suggest some solution. Kindly reply on my email, I will share with you images of scalp to be understand my problem.

    Minaz says

    Hi Mazher, use a multani mitti hair mask with shikakai powder, tulsi powder and neem powder.

Andrea says

Hello, I read your article about the benefits of zinc which can aid in hair growth . Why do you prefer zinc picolinate over orotate which I hear is the best.




Im a woman of 53 yrs. I hv bn reading ur blog for quite some time now. Right since my childhood I hv bn using hair pack. I hd a gd luster and shine volume with moderate length. Even today I use d same pack for hair ( hibiscus flowers & leaves, egg, menthi powder and fermented curd ). I also make my own hair oil. I mix together coconut oil, til oil, mustard oil, castor oil, Amla juice, hibiscus flowers, garlic peel, curry leaves. I’ll rest them for a couple of days and boil them till all d water in Amla juice is absorbed. Filter it and store it in an bottle. Can u gv me a suggestion…if whatever I’m using is gd…or any corrections hv to be made. I hv started using rice water now… with ur advice. Ur comments please

Rafee khan says

My needed

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