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Hair is the best accessory you can wear.

I have had my share of hair problems. That is why hair buddha was born. To share with you what worked for me and beautiful people around me.

I have tried and tested various remedies from different cultures, and love to blend modern with ancient.

On this blog I write simple and doable answers so everyone can follow. 

This site is more than just hair. It’s about many components that keep us alive.

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Hi, Love love love this blog. I have learned so much.......... So many good articles it's hard to keep track of them all.


@hairbuddha Thank you so much! I'm obsessed with your site. Definitely my favorite find of the month. Thank you for your amazing work!


Your words are so beautiful and full of wisdom. We are forgetting the simple ways to be happy, so glad your blog reminds us of these. Stay happy and blessed always.


Thank you so much for all your tips! I love your site so much. I am an African American with low porosity course natural hair and I had a really hard time finding products that agree with my hair. But thanks to reading your site, I make my own banana, lemon juice, molasses hair conditioner! So far so good. So thanks again!?

Natasha Allen

This site is incredible most of the hair recipes I have tried I found here. thank you Minaz for sharing so much knowledge with us.


I have been wanted to go no-poo for a while, however I was very skeptical. I finally bit the bullet two weeks ago and man did I suffer........ Then saw your site. I prepared the above recipe and I love the results!!!!

Not oily at all!!!!

Needless to say you will now be my go-to site for hair advice.


Thank you! for all the Love  

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