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Dua says September 19, 2017

Hello maam, i had very thick shiny and healthy hair. I never used to apply hair dyes on my head. Once a friend of mine used hair dye 3 years ago that are available in stores directly to my scalp. I did not know that it cannot be used on scalp. Since then my hair started shedding, it became thin and even thay have become so light that i cannot even straight them. I have cried all these yeras i have used each and everything for my hair but nothing is helping. I want my hair back maam. Please if you can help. I have gone for a single prp session even but it hasnt stopped any hairfall. My roots have been damamged completely. Please help :/

    Minaz says September 20, 2017

    Hi Dua,
    Hopefully your hair will start to grow soon.
    Some tips for hair grow:
    ~ Massage your head twice a week.
    ~ Eat a healthy and balanced diet
    ~ Exercise regularly
    ~ Try and stay happy and positive, as staying depressed will not grow any hair, it will only make the situation worse.

Ketan Mehta says September 10, 2017

Hello mam, I have a lot of white hair on my scalp and beard. I am just 30 years old when I see my other colleagues in my office who are much older than me they all have black hair. Can you please suggest me some tips which will reduce grey hair or can I just make grey hair turn black .

    Minaz says September 15, 2017

    Hi Ketan, a lack of certain vitamins like vitamin D, folic acid, iron and B12 can cause hair greying. You can check with your doctor.
    Eating fresh homemade foods provides you important nutrients for good hair and health.
    You can also include, amla, coconut, flax seeds, beans and lentils in your diet.
    Here are some natural remedies that you can use.

Poonam says September 5, 2017

Hello Mam…I m facing severe hairfall after my 1st del…its not stoppinv…wt to do

Neha Dave says August 24, 2017

Hi Minaz, I have had fine hair since childhood. Now at age of 33 , I feel I almost balding or maybe it’s alopecia..I have thyroid, and m on its medication. Any tips for this situation. Thanks in advance

Usha Vaitha says July 29, 2017

Hi, Minaz I have a fine hair, this ree-shee shampoo can I keep for the week in the fridge or is it better to use powder and can I add any essential oil . thanks Usha

    Minaz says August 5, 2017

    You can store it for a week in the fridge. You don’t need to, but if you wish you can add your favorite essential oil.

sabitha says July 20, 2017

hi mam. my sister aged 33years, she suffer complete baldness due to thyroid please guide her. she suffer a lot of problems in her family life due to this like aged one her in-laws-told and search some girl for his son for second marriage please help her and save her life. if you want i send her photograph of hair.

    Minaz says July 26, 2017

    Hi Dear, I recommend you read Thyroid and PCOD book by rujuta diwekar. There is amazing information on diet and healthy living.
    And for hair, use egg and olive oil hair mask once a week. Plus it’s important that she stays happy and confident so that she can look after herself whatever may come.

Bharati says July 16, 2017

hi I wanted to check can we make fresh coconut oil and use curry leaves ,alevera and methi in it ? Or is it better to buy coconut oil from the market first he reciepe.

    Minaz says July 19, 2017

    Hi Bharati, you can make your own coconut oil.

Anonymous says May 23, 2017

Hey, my hair is falling out of the root. I see a bulb at the end of the hair. Suggest me something please?

sagar dabhade says May 21, 2017

hi my name sagar and I am just 20 year old and me loss my hair badly plz give solution for it my friends are insulting me those call me uncle I am feel so guilty.

    Minaz says May 25, 2017

    Hi Sagar,
    You need to be confident from within. And then it won’t matter what people call you. If you get upset at every criticism, you will get more angry, frustrated. This will be bad for your hair, health and life in general.
    What remedies have you tried so far?

Jasmin says May 17, 2017

Hi mam,
I am 26 yr old.. Fr past 4 years I hv been havin tremendous hair loss..I used to have hv vry long, thick hair bfr.. Now my hair hs bcm thin & lesser in volume..I can literally c excessive hair loss in d front n sides.. I havnt used ny chemicals till nw. I still have oily hair evn though i apply oils vry rarely.. I hd used ashwini bfr, wch myt hv triggered d hair loss..Pls tell me hw cn i stop the hairloss n regain my long n thick hair bck..

Minha says May 7, 2017

Hi!i really love your blogs! My hair is really weird!My scalp is oily but my ends are dry and I have to wash it every other day because it become really oily.I want to know if you have any way to unclog the pores and make my hair normal. Please help me!

    Minaz says May 19, 2017

    Hello, use shikakai powder, mix with water to form a paste and use that to wash your hair.

lakshmi says May 6, 2017

I used to have very long hair but sense 2 years I have high hair loss. I have used many hair oils remedies but no use. Now my hair is thin and rough. now my age is 23 years. Please help me out with this problem. Again I have get my same long hair

    Minaz says May 19, 2017

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Have you tried any remedies from this and this.
    Do you think you can have vitamin deficiency: vit D, B12, iron.

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