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28 Natural Remedies for Hair Loss That Really Work

how to stop hair loss and grow hair back


May be I have decoded the mystery of hair loss. My hair is getting thicker, stronger and healthier. I can see plenty of new growth on my scalp and it is not falling out as it use to earlier.

I have come a long way since I last wrote 17 Things I did to Regrow my Lost Hair. It’s been over two years now and what a learning it has been.

I will quickly recap my story: “Born with beautiful hair- soft, dense and lustrous. In my late teens I started coloring my hair as I wanted a model look-alike, inspired by glamorous adverts. I used top brands, thinking these won’t harm my hair. Fast forward –>> After 6 – 7 years my hair gave in to this chemical abuse. I started losing lots of hair. Plus, my once smooth and soft hair was rough and lustreless. And I was left grieving along with my hair’’.

To be honest, there have been times when I lost a lot of hair and also the new growth would just fall out and not grow beyond few centimeters. I have done mistakes, and learnt a hard way. But I want to make it easier for you, so you don’t make the same mistakes that I made.

I really want to help you regrow your lost hair back. Hence I am sharing with you all my research and remedies that worked for me and also worked for other people I know.

This is going to be a long and detailed write up as I have wanted to cover as many natural remedies and tips to help  you stop hair loss and regrow your hair. These things have worked for me and I hope they work for you too.

So sit relaxed and keep pen and paper handy to take down notes. I also encourage you to go through every point as it might just help in some way.

How to Stop Hair Loss: 28 Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair Back

1. Wake up your hair follicles with Head massage

Head massage is really important. If you have ultra-thin hair, then do it gently, very very gently, like you are handling a delicate thread.

If you have never done a hair massage or are scared that you might break more hair, just tap your scalp with your fingers or stroke your hair. Any movement on the scalp is good, because like other parts of our body, it is essential you move it or to stimulate. This will increase the blood supply to the scalp, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

So do it at least once a week, if not more. You can do it with or without oil, it’s upto you. Some beneficial oils for head massage are coconut, almond, sesame, olive, black seed oil, and castor. More details on which oils to use: see here

2. Don’t use hot water on hair

Hot water is BAD for your hair, your face and your body. When you use hot water for shower you basically strip your hair and skin of all the natural oils and nutrients it needs to be healthy. This can cause breakage, rough hair and very little shine and overall, it will make your skin and scalp dry and flaky.

Besides, hot water can cause inflammation of your hair follicles, causing hair loss and even premature greying of hair. So always use warm or room temperature water for shower.  And at the end, rinse with cool water – it helps to close your pores as well as make hair shiny and smooth.

3. Coconut is tonic for hair

coconut oil for hair

Due to its unique health and hair benefits, coconut has been an integral part of many Asian cultures.

Regular intake of coconut can transform your hair and I have seen this happen: one of my friends started including coconut oil and coconut meat in her diet and in one year her hair went from dull, dry to shiny, thick and vibrant looking. Coconut is not just a healthy fat; it also supports your immune system, and has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

To reap the benefits, try to eat coconut oil/ coconut meat every day or few times a week. You can also use coconut oil for head massage. It has cooling properties which help to heal any inflammation in the hair follicles. Coconut oil also strengthens the hair roots and promotes thicker, stronger and healthier new hair growth.

For head massage, you can use a blend of 2 teaspoon coconut oil, 1 teaspoon castor oil and 2-3 drops lavender essential oil.

4. Miracle hair mask is a must try

Fenugreek hair mask for hair growth

Made with just two ingredients – fenugreek and yogurt – this hair mask is a real treat for hair. It helps with so many hair issues: hair loss, dandruff, dry hair to name a few.

Fenugreek is an age-old remedy for hair loss and thinning. It provides natural proteins and vitamins for the nourishment of hair as well as stimulates blood flow to the root of the hair.

Yogurt is equally wonderful for hair. It is full of protein, which works to strengthen the hair shaft, thus preventing split ends and breakage. At the same time, yogurt also conditions, moisturises, and adds volume and shine to your hair.

I absolutely love this Miracle Hair Mask; I encourage you to try it at least once. Here’s how to make miracle hair mask. You can also use fenugreek in a  hair rinse or include them in your diet.

5. Love Aloe

aleo vera to stop hair loss

Aloe vera juice is a miracle drink. It helps to detox and cleanse your body, heal the gut, improve digestion and absorption of food that we eat, as well as regularise the bowel movement.

So what is all this got to do with hair? A healthy digestive system means your body, including your hair is receiving all the nutrients that you eat. In fact a healthy digestive system has become a prized possession in today’s stressful world.

Ayurvedically speaking, aloe vera is said to be the top remedy for hair loss. It nourishes the hair follicles and promotes stronger and healthier new growth. Plus, aloe’s anti-inflammatory and cooling action calms the aggravated pitta dosha (excess body heat), which may be the cause of hair fall and greying. (read aloe vera success story here)

Buying tip: It is best to make your own aloe vera juice. If you can’t, buy aloe vera juice that is free from water, thickeners like xanthan gum, artificial colour and fragrance. (This is good aloe juice)

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6. Wood comb is your friend


I find wood-comb the best for combing hair.  Every time you comb it sort of gives you a mini massage. This helps to increase the blood flow to the scalp- bringing lovely nutrients to the hair roots.

Wood comb may also help with dandruff. If your dandruff is due to dry scalp, regular massage with a wooden comb will normalise the oil production and eliminate dandruff.

Here are some buying suggestions for comb and brushes for different hair types.

7. Eat Ghee (clarified butter) for beautiful hair

Ghee is another amazing food for your hair. It contains essential fatty acids that nourish your hair follicles and improve hair growth. Ghee is also said to help balance your hormones naturally – this is particularly useful if your hair loss is due to wacky hormones.

Ghee is rich in vitamins A, E, D, and Omega 3 fatty acids. So when you eat ghee you not only get the benefits of these vitamins, but ghee also helps to improve overall digestion and absorption of foods that you eat along with eat.

Eating ghee = Better digestion =better absorption of vitamins and minerals = healthy hair, healthy body and healthy skin

You can either make your own ghee or buy it online (It’s best to buy Grass Fed Organic Ghee)

8. Apply Onion Juice

onion for hair loss

This is an ancient remedy for hair loss. Also, I have read hundreds of comments on various forums and websites and it emerged that onion juice as topical application has helped people regrow their lost hair. Onion juice also made their hair thicker and silkier and even helped with dandruff.

One study published in Journal of dermatology (year 2002) found that just after 6 weeks of using onion juice, 86% individual with alopecia areata experienced hair regrowth.

But not everyone gets lucky with onion juice. For some people it does nothing and may cause scalp dryness.

If you don’t mind the smell, I would say give it a try, you might get lucky. Here’s how to use onion juice for hair loss.


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9. Amla is Amrit (nectar) for hair

indian gooseberry to prevent grey hair

In Indian culture amla is considered as Amrit (nectar) for hair. It has played a key role in long, thick, and beautiful hair of India women.

Amla is one of the richest source of vitamin C and also contains some super antioxidants and plant vitamins, making it a wonderful tonic to nourish your hair. Amla also support the scalp circulation and help to remove the waste materials that buildup on the scalp. These waste materials can clog hair follicles and may cause hair loss or thinning.

This wonderful berry is also an excellent conditioner. It is said that regular use of amla hair oil and amla in your diet will minimizes hair loss and greying, and promotes stronger and faster hair growth.

10. Don’t just use any Shampoo

Use natural shampoo

You might think shampoo only stays on your hair for few minutes, so what difference will it make. But trust me it makes a hell lot of difference. If you love your hair put in an extra effort to select a natural shampoo that works for you.

You can either use a homemade shampoo (such as this) or buy a shampoo that contains natural detergents and is free from nasty additives. If you are not sure about any ingredient you can either google it or check on this website: www.ewg.org.

If you are looking for ready-made shampoo, here are some that I like:

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Argan Oil Shampoo

Andalou Moisture Rich Shampoo

11. Treat your hair like precious threads

I remember one of my flat mates would comb her hair as if she is combing delicate silk threads, with a lot of patience and care. If you hair is already fine and thinning apply this rule every time you’re washing, combing or massaging your hair.

Some people even go to an extent of using a satin or silk pillow case, so they don’t cause their hair to break or become tangled.

12. Don’t forget to drink water

If you desire thick, shiny hair and glowing skin drink 2-3 liters of water every day.

What happens if you don’t drink sufficient water? It will make your blood thick and affect the microcirculation of your body as well as your scalp. Your hair follicle won’t get enough nutrition and that will affect its growth and even cause hair loss.

Water helps our body to flush out the toxins and waste, so not only will your body feel better, but your hair will get stronger too. The stronger the hair, the faster it grows.

So drink water. It’s free!

13. See Your Hair Growing

Visualisation is very powerful. If you can believe it you can make it happen. But first step is believing that you can regrow your hair. Every night before sleeping imagine a beautiful, healing white light is flowing through the top of your head and around your body. Feel it repairing your hair follicles and visualise tiny little hair growing on your hair.

Remember your mind cannot tell the difference between a real or imaginary event, and if you practice this regularly you will see positive results.

And yes you can apply this rule for any goal – be it studies, job, business, or health. I have used this in my life and it brings amazing results.

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14. Pump in more oxygen

Pranayam or breathing exercise is great way to oxygenate and vitalise your body. If you have never done pranayam before start with anulom vilom, also called as alternate nostril breathing. This breathing exercise creates an equilibrium in the body and makes us calm, relaxed and at the same time focused.

It is particularly useful if your hair loss is due to hormonal issues or constant stress and worry.

Here’s a video on how to do anulom vilom in Hindi and English

15. Yoga Postures can help

halaasna for hair loss

All yoga postures are good, but particularly beneficial for hair are inversion poses such as: head stand, sarvangasana (shoulder stand), halasana (plow pose) and paschimottanasana (seated forward bend).

If you have never done these postures before, I suggest you join a yoga class for a few months and learn various postures under the guidance of your yoga teacher. I have been practicing it for many years, and I absolutely love it.

Here’s a nice video on yoga.

Note: You should not do these posture during your periods or when pregnant. Also, if you have weak bones (osteoporosis), heart condition, spinal problems, or any other medical conditions you should take advise of your doctor.

16. Wear Bangles

bangles for good hair

This is for ladies.

On the outer sides of the wrist are acupressure points that are directly ‘wired’ to the reproductive organs (uterus, ovaries). Wearing bangles keeps your reproductive system, including ovaries in good health. Ovaries produce estrogen, which has many vital body functions including keeping your skin and hair healthy.

Ovary also produces testosterone, and when the balance of estrogen and testosterone is tipped, it can cause among other symptoms, excess facial and body hair, and a bald patch on the top of the scalp.

The ancient Indian culture required young girls and women of all ages to wear bangles. The sages who wrote ayurveda understood the importance of acupressure and made it compulsory for women (especially married) to wear bangles. And when you think of it now, ancient customs had lot of wisdom on healthy living.

17. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C

guava - vitamin C for hair

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and it helps to protect hair follicles form oxidative damage (caused by free radicals that are formed during regular metabolism when food is converted into energy by the body). Damage caused by free radicals is one of the big cause of hair loss and greying.

In addition, vitamin C also supports healthy scalp circulation, which is vital for healthy hair growth. So, make sure you include vitamin C rich foods in your diet.

BEST FOODS FOR VITAMIN C: amla, chilli pepper, guava, rosehip, kiwi, lychee, berries, papaya, orange, lime, lemon, pineapple, cauliflower, cabbage, melon, mango, potato, tomato, grape, plum.

18. Magnificent Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most vital mineral for our body. Yet most of us are lacking it. You can thank increasingly poor diets for this. Also drinking too much alcohol, taking antacids and antibiotics can deplete your body of magnesium.

Along with hair loss, a magnesium deficiency can contribute to symptoms such as facial hair (in women), leg cramps, fatigue, bone loss, and hormonal problems.

The first step to healing your symptoms and getting more magnesium in your diet is to start eating magnesium-rich foods.

Good magnesium sources are: pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach, cashews, mung beans, banana, swiss chard, black beans, millet, almonds, flax seeds, sorghum (jowar), peas, kidney beans, papaya, avocado.

Besides eating magnesium rich foods, another way to improve your magnesium level is to take regular Epsom salt baths or foot baths. Epsom salt is a magnesium sulfate that can absorb into your body through your skin.

For Epsom bath add about 2 cups in your bath water and soak for 20-30 minutes. You can also do a foot soak, simply add 1/3 cup in a bucket of warm water and soak your legs in.

19. Don’t stress – Stress equal hair loss

In today’s time stress is one of the biggest causes of hair loss.

So just relax! And this doesn’t mean you go on a permanent vacation. When you work, study or do your house work – focus on the task at hand, so basically be in the present and stop worrying about what happened or what is to happen. May be you want to allocate a special worry time – say around 15 minutes in the afternoon – and at that time just fret about anything and everything and finish it off.

Some good stress busters are: exercise, yoga, meditation, gardening, going for walks, spending time with family and friends, playing music or sports – whatever works for you.

20. Sit in silence and focus on your breath

meditate for healthy hair

When you don’t get the answers you need, including how to stop hair loss or how to make a million dollars, sit in silence and focus on your breath. In other words meditate. It’s a piece of advice yogis or sages have given for thousands of years.

In that silent or quiet mind you are led towards your answer. You will exactly know what to do to improve your hair, health or finances.

You don’t have to join a class to meditate, just sit on a quiet place and focus on your breath going in and out. Here’s more on how to meditate.

21. Yogurt is  fab for your hair

Yogurt contains live bacteria – which is what turns milk to yogurt in a process called fermentation.

These healthy living bacteria or probiotics reside mainly in our intestine. What do they do? A lot of things:  these small friends digest and help us absorb our food, boost our immune systems, and even contribute to the manufacture of vitamins.

It helps out gut produce vitamins A, K and B complex. Probiotics also increase the digestibility and processing of minerals such as: copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, potassium, and zinc. All these vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy hair.

So make sure you include probiotics rich foods regularly.

Probiotics rich foods include – live yogurt, buttermilk, lassi, homemade pickles, chunda, murabba, cheese, sauerkraut, khimchi, idli, dosa, kefir. I also take probiotics supplements occasionally, this is my favourite one.

22. Don’t eat these foods

Before I tell you what foods are good for hair there are few things you should avoid or reduce, at least for a few month, till you detox your body – this will help a lot with hair regrowth.

  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Tea and coffee – if you can’t totally avoid it, limit it two cups a day. Also don’t drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, have it after breakfast.
  • Excess sugar – sugar block absorption of vital nutrients. So eat ice creams, biscuits, soft drinks, cakes, candies once in a week or as special treat, not everyday treat.
  • Refined flour – white bread, burger bun, pizza are usually made with refined flour.
  • Fried foods

23. You can’t get Good Hair without eating well

fruits and veggies for good hair

I guess everyone knows what to eat and what not to eat, but there are so many temptations that you can easily get carried away. Once you chuck the junk and start eating simple home cooked meals you will see an immediate improvement in your energy levels. You will feel good about yourself. And when you reach that stage you will notice your hair growing back. It’s that simple.

Just a general idea on what to eat:

  • Local fruits and vegetables – they are rich in antioxidants which help to stop hair loss
  • Carbohydrates in form of whole grains- wheat, millet, sorghum (jowar), amaranth (rajgira), rice
  • Lentils and Beans – good source of vegetarian protein, iron, zinc, magnesium, B vitamins
  • Healthy fats in form of nuts and seeds
  • Fish – great source of protein and healthy fats
  • Dairy – butter, ghee, milk cheese, paneer.
  • Good quality chicken, egg and meat

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24. Healthy fats boost hair growth

sesame seeds

Fats are vital for healthy hair and skin.

I don’t know why some people fear fats. Fat free diet is actually very unhealthy. We do need fats. But the right types of fats. Because without them we are not able to absorb vitamins A, E, D and K.

Healthy fats help you to avoid dry, scaly scalp, nourish your hair follicles, so your hair grows thick, strong and shiny.

Healthier fats can be found in the fish, nuts (almond, walnut) seeds (sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, flax seeds). Also in butter, ghee and unrefined oils such as: coconut, palm, mustard, olive, peanut, hemp and sesame – use these for cooking and drizzling.

25. Correct the Vitamin and mineral deficiency

If you are losing hair, get yourself checked for any vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D, iron, and B12 are the common culprits.

Vitamin D not just keeps your bones healthy, it is also very important for the health of your hair. This study found that women with hair loss had much lower vitamin D levels than did normal controls. Best source of Vitamin D is Sun light. Try to spend few minutes in the sun daily with forearms, hands or lower legs uncovered . But if you live in countries (USA, Europe, Canada) where there is insufficient sunlight during winters, it is advised to take vitamin D supplements.

Iron deficiency anemia is another common cause of hair loss in women. Try and eat iron rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, beans and lentils, meat, liver, nuts and seeds.

B12 deficiency is common in people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. The best food source of B12 is dairy products, egg, fish and meat. But B12 is also said to be found in fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, homemade pickles, sauerkraut (see why B12 deficiency may cause hair loss)

Note: The only way to detect whether you have a true deficiency is by getting a blood test. You can work together with your doctor to find out the cause and how to treat it.

26. Ditch chemical treatment

I have suffered hair loss due to over colouring my hair. I get regular emails from men and women saying they did permanent straightening or rebonding and after few days their hair started falling out in large numbers.

These treatment involve use of harsh chemicals which can harm your scalp skin and hair follicles, causing hair thinning, dermatitis, and even hair loss.

Tip: Love your hair the way it is, take it’s good care, and it will be beautiful.

27. Revive your hair with Egg Mask

Egg mask is another great remedy to reduce hair loss instantly. Egg are packed with protein, which work to strengthen the hair shaft as well as make hair shiny and voluminous. Egg also contains natural biotin (which is often touted as the hair growth vitamin), selenium, iodine, pantothenic acid and vitamin B12 – all important for healthy hair growth.

One way to make egg mask is by combining it with green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants, amino acid and vitamin C and is said to stop hair loss and encourage healthy hair growth.

Egg and Green tea hair mask

Whisk the egg and then whisk the tea and oil into it. Massage it into your scalp and hair, leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse well with lukewarm water.

Note: If you have dry hair, use just the egg yolk.

Here’s another way to make egg mask, I use this method for my hair.

28. Rice is nice for hair.

rice is nice for hair

Rice has so many beneficial properties for hair. Rice contain a unique ingredient called ‘inositol’ which protect hair from damage. In addition, the amino acids in rice are extremely nourishing for your hair follicles, and help to promote stronger and healthier new growth. Rice also has antioxidant and healing properties that help to improve scalp circulation, reduce dandruff and keep hair shiny and moisturised.

How do you use rice for hair? You can eat it and/or use its water to make a hair rinse.

Have you tried eating rice with ghee and lentil (dal chawal), it is so delicious. It’s my comfort food.


In the end I would say Be Happy, and there are good chances that your hair will grow back.

But if it is taking time don’t get stressed, don’t be disheartened, as it will not help you in any which way. It will only cause more stress and sorrow.

Life is not about external beauty, we have a bigger purpose to serve in this world. Each one of us is born with unique talents and only we can accomplish that. So focus on that and move on, if the hair has to grow it will and if not then that’s fine as well.

Live, love, & be happy.

Sending you lots of love and good wishes



  • Annemarie

    Dear Minaz,
    Thank you for sharing all this wonderfull information!
    What is your opinion on the use of epsom salt in a shampoo or conditioner?
    it is supposed to give more volume.
    Thank you!

    • Dear Annemarie, thanks for your kind words.
      I have heard that epsom salt gives volume , but never tried it.
      May be you want to give it a try once.
      Let us know how it goes.

      • Annemarie

        Dear Minaz,
        I have tried it today! Replaced half my conditioner with epsom salt. I have thin and fine hair (with hairloss issues) and i am always looking for the balance between dry and oily. My hair looks realy shiny today after my epsom adventure. It seems to have more volume too! 🙂
        i would really like to know why it works and if it’s okay to use it all the time. But I cannot find that on the web.
        By the way, I am from Holland, so i hope my English isn’t too bad…

  • Maria

    Minaz, thank you very much for your wonderful blog and wealth of information. I am a 65 years old women who has halted my hair loss more or less by focusing on natural hair care and diet. I have even had some considerable regrowth at my hairline which had been my biggest worry. My question to you has to do with the two sides of my head growing back quick differently. My left side is full but my right side is noticeably thinner and more gray. Is this something you’ve seen before? Should I focus more of my energies (massage, mask etc) on the right side? I would like to do all I can to even out the two sides as much as possible. Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Maria,
      Do you have migraine pain or any pain around head and face?

      Doing regular head massage should help.

      • Maria

        Thanks for your reply. I don’t have migraine but I do tend to have tension headaches (evenly on both sides of my head) and tension in my jaw. I am definitely trying to massage my whole head regularly, and my thinner side especially.

        • Yes pain and stress in the jaw and around head can cause the uneven greying/thinning.
          Practice relaxation techniques – look at no 14, 19 and 20.
          When you are under pressure put a habit to check your jaw, try to keep it relaxed.
          Do you clench at night?

          • Maria

            I don’t believe I clench at night. I will follow your suggestions for relaxation (which will have benefits beyond hair too, I’m sure). It makes intuitive sense to me that the uneven graying /thinning is tension related. I also feel I want to direct lots loving/positive attention towards that side. Thank you again, it means a lot to me that you have responded and given me and others so much invaluable info and hope.

  • Mi$$ [email protected]

    Hi,i am new here! I am 27. I have acute hair problem suffering from years. I have sticky dandruff,flakes come out of my scalp,scalp gets oily next day of shampoo but hair shaft is being dry. Hair is being dull,thin. New hair growth is almost nil whatever grow falls easily due to weak hair shaft. Gone through so many doctors n trichologists but no use. I have iron deficiency and i am anemic. Going through your post and i am feeling positive. can you suggest a hair regime to get my hair back ? one question about above post i took green tea every day on empty stomach with biscuits. Should i stop this?

    sorry for making this too long!

    • Hi,
      Hope you are taking measures to correct iron deficiency, diet/supplements.
      Do a weekly Miracle Hair Mask, it will help with your dandruff as well as hair growth.
      I generally eat a fruit first thing in the morning. You can have green tea along with breakfast or snack.

      • Mi$$ [email protected]

        Thank you. can u suggest me something for iron deficiency? Should i apply oil in my hair? i didn’t use it cause i faced some sort of hair fall after applying it and my scalp is really oily all time.

        • Wheatgrass, blackstrap molasses, beans, lentils, leafy greens, meat are all good sources of iron. You can take help of nutritionist to work out a diet plan.
          You can headmassage without oil.

  • Neetu

    Dear one thing i want to share, unless we stop taking tension, and stop eating junk food these natural remedies won’t work. I mean a person must be happy, stress free, eat lots leafy veggies take care internally and then externally. It’s my opinion. love

  • Animesh

    Last suggestions are really morale booster thanks for that.

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  • krishna

    Hi..dis krishna from india ..my age 28 ..daily morning when am touch my hair..just fall to 15 to 20 hair…how to stop my hair fall prob..or growth,,,plz help me….i am start to my career as an acter…tell me only one thing……very use full…

  • Moumita

    What about taking Biotin supplements like from Anway ?

  • Rita

    Amazing info!

  • Sunil

    Has onion juice massage workd for any one? please reply.

  • starshade

    Thank you for putting it all together in one place, very helpful. you have a really great blog, I keep referring to it!

  • Tina

    Hey thanks for sharing this…. WOW Came here looking for my hair problem but got lot more. Things I have been meaning to do but never got around doing you made me take a pause and think. Thank you. I believe if I do these things not only my hair issues but a lot of issues will be taken care of. Keep up the good work. Sharing the post with my friends now.

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